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    Inferno Iskatu Kill in under 20 Seconds :)

    I am really loving the wizard class!!! Nuking a boss before i can even see him on my screen - Enjoy the video


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    Only 40k DPS!? God Archon is OP on that boss. And it'll have like 2 minutes left on the duration now to after all the little minion kills.

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    lol :P Ya Archon is still up after i get done vendoring a bag full of items, this is a lot of fun! Half the time i get RNG crit's and he gets close, i'm on the edge of my chair every time it happens too!


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    insane skills.

    good work blizz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerwilko View Post
    insane skills.

    good work blizz.
    Yeah in a game with thousands of different build variations and hundreds of boss or elite pack encounters its completely unacceptable that 1 build will be OP in 1 situation while relying on a 2 min cooldown and get kills with zero Nephalem Valor.

    GG Blizz, fail balance.

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    Indeed what Raven said :P It's not like I can run around doing this in the entire game. It's one spec that happens to work REALLY well for one specific boss.

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    I killed Azmodan on NM in like 10 seconds by popping WotA(200% damage) + Free Earthquake.

    Clearly, Barbs need to be nerfed into the ground, because they are incredibly overpowered.
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    Just a little update I have been able to successfully do this with about 150% magic find on. I have around 38k buffed damage before the added 75%. Good luck!
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