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    Funny that just a few days ago, the blues on the offical forums thinks 25 daily is not enough for MoP, so Blizzard hands out the 100 daily cap thing.

    But I guess we still have to rep grind for the epic gear, so we can become raid-ready.
    Epic mounts? We only have 2 legs...

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    more dumbing down. when will it end?

    it's funny how it's always 'in the name of player choice'. what a copout.

    by the end of mop you will be able to buy a fully geared level 90 character. MARK MY WORDS.

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    The removal of helm enchants is just the worst excuse I've ever heard from Blizzard. Helms enchants forcing us into content we don't want to do when there's a tabard we can simply use in dungeons? I'm sure dailies that require you to do most of the quest in a zone before you unlock them dosn't force people into content they don't want to see either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crushima View Post
    Your not aware that the head enchants in game are bound to account, so you can mail them to your alts?
    You do realize your alt needs to be revered in order to use it, right? Sure you can mail them, but you still need to grind the rep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    You do realize your alt needs to be revered in order to use it, right? Sure you can mail them, but you still need to grind the rep.
    This is incorrect, it was only that way at launch because of a mistake. It was fixed shortly after.

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    I don't like the head enchant change. It was another small way to increase your characters power. Put it in the game somewhere else!

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    With the remove of head and shoulder ench enchanter gona have more work to do = gold! . Yes finaly by the way the priest animations are awesome I gona love this expanc

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    The TCG image of the Pandaren drinking the Dwarves under the table is funny! Well done!

    I also like the idea of no more helm enchants. Whoot!

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    While the head enchant required you to grind rep with a specific faction, that aspect will still be in the game. You will still want to get rep with different factions for the faction gear, which will make you raid ready. I don't see how taking one part of the grind out is a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonatic View Post
    This is incorrect, it was only that way at launch because of a mistake. It was fixed shortly after.
    Well it's still there on those i have in the bank, and it's like that on the beta since I couldn't use those given on the pre-made Monk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfieone View Post
    It's not about simple - it's about boring. No one got anything out of grinding one particular faction on a toon after the first patch. It was a boring prerequisite. It added nothing to the depth of play, it just stretched the whole thing out.

    My most recent toon I had ready for Raid Finder in a day. Yet I still had to spend two weeks doing dungeons just to get the helm enchant. It was boring. It didn't help anything. And it didn't make my toon more powerful, it just got it up to speed with everyone else.

    That isn't fun. And if it isn't fun, why should it be kept?
    2 weeks for grinding revered ?
    I have to say that you are doing something very wrong in your playstile. I made my rogue from 78 to 85 in the last weekend. When I dinged 84, went to Uldum, made friendly in about 2 hours, bought and equiped the tabard. Made quests in Uldum area untill the conquest of Neferset? city and maybe fouror five dungeons in the same time. After i dinged 85, in about 5 - 6 more dungeons i had revered with the faction, so i could buy the head enchant. That means in another 6 hours of gameplay. So, no way "2 weeks of grinding". Or yeah, in case you are doing for the next 2 weeks a half of a dungeon each day it could be possible.

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    Not sure if someone already pointed this out- but the shoulder enchants are already in the scribe's abilities - there for the balance for gear/ enchant slot 'perks' is there. So keeping shoulders in the game and giving the ability to sell a 'lesser' version then one for scribes only makes sense. Taking the helmets and giving to another crafter would unbalance the crafts...kinda (that's if you personally believe they are indeed balanced) like BS has socket bonus- alchs have potion benefits and self healing etc etc etc. Then again could be looking at it wrong but eh oh well lol just my thought on why its not added to a profession like they're going to with shoulders.

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    OK, rep grinds are stupid, but why not add the head enchants to some profession then?

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    Doesn't bother me at all. I don't particularly like having to grind a faction just to get an enchant.

    To bad they didn't replace the stat enchant with a cosmetic enchant. Enchant your helm to now posses a crown of fire above your head. Horns, halo, w/e.

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    Well, it just means I get to choose my factions with better consideration than just because of the head enchant. Not to mention saving some extra gold is nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurotakai View Post
    Also this IS MMO Champion... Its not WoW only. Even if D3 is also from Blizzard it's fitting for more than just WoW news to appear on the main page.
    It's Blizzard-Champion, lots of other games that fall into the category ''MMO'' aren't covered here.

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    This head enchant change is pretty pointless. If you can buy specific items from each new faction then you will have to farm the reputation anyway. Just think about it, here is a nice epic helm, there is an epic ring and so on.
    Especially at the beginning of the expansion when you can only get epic items (well, if they stick with this design choise) from the faction vendors (beside raids).

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    How about simply giving the head enchant(s) to the profession it should have been since day number one? Enchanting... You could always make them buyable or better yet, droppable patterns from 5man dungeons.

    Blizzard is just really boring about everything these days. Just remove the gemslots too while you're at it, doh. These days they like to remove and edit, instead of just add new things on every game they make.

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    I'm sorry, but that's just too much fail in one update. GG blizzard.

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    Wee no more stupid rep grind with my alts!

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