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    Paladin wtf moment.

    So as I'm leveling my inscription I got the idea for this thread. What is you biggest wtf was I thinking or in general wtf moment while playing your paladin. Let's try to keep this topic about your paladin only please.

    Mine, came towards the end of BC when I was playing my retadin as my main and the WotLK talent builders were released on w/e website I was using. Reading down through and evaluating the different talents I landed upon Divine Storm. I remember thinking to myself just by the tooltip that the talent at that point was really crappy and I would NEVER take it because it wasn't needed to AoE when I had better options. Fast forward few months, the pre-patch drops followed by one major /facepalm after seeing how much healing and damage(for a short period) it was doing.

    Again, try to keep this Pally centric, but feel free to start similar topics in the other class threads.

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    Logging in to find my seals doing millions of damage in seconds is probably my most recent wtf moment.

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    Killing myself with one single judgement on Razuvious with seal of blood activated.

    I'm french, I'm really sorry if my english is bad. I try to do my best.

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    for me, it was watching loads of paladins in early wotlk kill themselves with seal of blood, oh yeah!
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    It wasn't exactly a wtf moment for me, but when we were progressing on Baleroc in Firelands I was healing on my pally. We used the strategy of having our priest soak the first shard solo, and I ended up stacking something like 80-90 charges of the healing buff off of him. Fast forward a few seconds to the first decimation blade, tank gets hammered, I swap buffs to healing instead of stacking, hit him with a WoG that crits for ~200k. The tank thanks me in vent for the Lay on Hands, and I tell him that it was just a word of glory. Our druid healer shouts 'wtf' in vent and starts muttering incoherently about pallies being OP as hell.

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    God I miss seal of blood. Terrible, terrible damage.
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