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    [A] <Regen> 51st US 25M 8/8H - Recruitment [NEED HEALERS]

    Hello dear reader, exceptional applicant and hopefully a healer, here you will find some important information about Regen and why you should join us for Mists and current farm content! We will give you the most important information instead of writing walls of text, for any additional questions please refer to the bottom of the post for a list of contacts.

    <Regen> is a progression oriented 25-man raiding guild on the Magtheridon US-PvP-EST realm

    Formed in February of 2011, our founders were united under the simple belief that competitive raiding should require exceptional performance, not excessive time. Our leadership comes from a long history of high-end raiding and work to ensure that all raids, progression and farm, run smoothly.

    The members of <Regen> set and maintain high standards so that we raid for shorter periods of time while remaining competitive in progression content. Don’t waste our time, we won’t waste yours.

    T13 8/8 H
    T12 7/7 H
    T11 13/13 H


    Our current recruitment needs are as follows:

    Healers of all shapes and sizes
    Deathknight (Frost/Unholy)
    Monk Aspirants

    Exceptional raiders are encouraged to apply regardless of recruitment status. Most guilds say this, but don't actually follow through - we do.

    Applicants should be mature, intelligent, and talented players that are both self-motivated and self-sufficient. They should be able to communicate very well and listen to “on the fly” instructions and adjust accordingly. Applicants should be experienced raiders and have a very firm grasp on how to excel at their class in raids. Please be geared appropriately or have a great reason as to why you are behind in gear.

    Raid Times

    8 pm - 12 am (EST) Sunday
    9 pm - 12 am (EST) Monday
    9 pm - 12 am (EST) Tuesday
    9 pm - 12 am (EST) Wednesday
    9 pm - 12 am (EST) Thursday *Adding in MoP*

    Currently, due to farm we are raiding only one day a week. However, we do ask that your raid availability fits our full progression schedule.

    Start times reflect first pull time; invites are typically extended 10-15 minutes beforehand. Raid times and days change depending on content cleared for the week. We expect all of our raiders to have extremely high attendance (90% or better) and come prepared with flasks, food, elixirs and potions to every single raid. Communication via Ventrilo and a microphone are mandatory. Loot is handled by officer council based off of attendance, performance, attitude, and recent loot.

    Our Expectations:

    Our raid core has traditionally been very small and we expect several non-negotiable traits in our applicants.

    We're looking for hardcore raiders with extensive raid experience. Don't waste our time and we won't waste yours. Every applicant should be extremely dedicated to the class and spec he has chosen. Consumable, gems, enchants, and even professions should be selected to maximize raid performance. Basically time or cost should NOT be a determining factor in raid preparation or performance.

    In addition to dedication, all applicants should have a strong sense of self-motivation and a desire to be the best. Everyone is expected to give 110% effort all the time. That being said, however, it’s also important to mesh well with the raiding core. We have a team mentality while raiding and showing up with a poor attitude or a chip on your shoulder is not conducive to good teamwork. The ability to take constructive criticism is an absolute must as well. Basically, those people prone to emotional outbursts or deep cutting should think twice before applying, as there is zero tolerance for that here.

    Questions can be directed in-game to members of the guild leadership. Ask a member to forward you.

    Application templates and other relevant information to the guild and you, future raider, can be found on regen-guild.org/

    For a faster response contact our GM via Real ID at gpriznar at gmail dot com
    For additional questions please contact the following great people in game: Lemistio, Seraphia, Laekoth, Ohlreic or Aelianna

    We look forward to seeing your applications!
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