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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    SHould we start laying wagers on how he almost became a millionaire? I bet he was 1 number off of a lotto win
    Ha! I was right. Too bad my guessing luck never worked in the casino

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    You know, I was half expecting someone to have said "I hacked Athene's paypal" but no one has yet.

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    Wait so how much did you win?

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    Holy shit, so close. :\

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    Those were the winning numbers in the October 25th 2011 drawing of the Tuesday OZ Lottery in Australia,...

    He won $23.30 for matching 4 main numbers...
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    He's trolling. That drawing was from October of last year.

    Figured something was fishy when I saw him editing out random parts of the screenshot for no reason. OP, why even bother making a thread like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Porcell View Post
    Those were the winning numbers in the October 25th 2011 drawing of the Tuesday OZ Lottery in Australia, which is weird because they are the exact same numbers as the May 29th drawing of this year. WTF...
    Thats because this did happen last year. Heres another pic. I keep it on my fridge lol. I thought it's a good time to post this now :P

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    Somebody clearly isn't popular enough where he is.

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    You have 4/7 + 2 supplementary right?

    Wouldn't you need 7 main numbers (excluding sup) for the jackpot?

    In that case you weren't even that close :P

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    My friends from college will never let me live down one Lotto drawing. It was up to around 30 million (really high for a lottery in 1990), and they all bought tickets when one guy went to the store. I refused, saying that it was idiotic to buy the tickets, as you'd never win.

    Just before the drawing happened, they had me choose 6 numbers anyway, so I figured what the hell and picked six random numbers.

    Fucking Lotto drew those numbers.

    I've been kicking myself for 20 years now because of that.

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    darn, almost got it

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    How much did you win out of curiosity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmoves View Post
    Did you ask in afrikaans?
    I thought I did. Turns out it was a bad Rastafari accent instead.

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