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    Quick points:
    -Alliance 25 person raiding guild on US-Zul’jin
    -We are recruiting for MoP
    -We are open to transfers or rerolls to Zul’jin
    -We plan on raiding 2 or 3 days a week

    Brief History:
    As a group, we have been raiding since Vanilla. We were part of a larger group of mostly casual players slowly progressing through content. Last year, we decided to break off and form a 10 man guild that would focus on serious progression. When people showed up for raids, we did very well. Unfortunately, since we only had 10 raiders, and we were a close group, we were to friendly, and far too lenient on people showing up to raid late, or cancelling last minute. Ultimately, a couple of us got frustrated, some people stopped raiding, and we decided to call it quits.

    What we are planning:
    When MoP finally releases, we want to get back into the swing of raiding again. We plan on doing things a little differently. We will try to keep the friendly environment, but in an effort to maintain officer sanity, we will play the part of the bad guy and kick a person out for not showing up for raids (revolutionary, I know). Right now, we are building up a roster for MoP raiding.

    What we want:
    Competent raiders. I have enough faith in myself and my other officers that we can teach you the finer points of your class and of raiding if we have too. As long as you come prepared to do work, and take criticism as an opportunity to learn, we have a spot for you. Previous raiding experience is defiantly a plus, but I am not going to check your armory for achievements. If you are good, it will show, if not, I will thank you for your time and replace you.
    If you are on Zul’jin Alliance already, great! If you are looking to transfer, that is okay. If you just want a fresh start, and plan on rerolling, that is fine too, just be 85 by the time MoP releases. Honestly, I find people make it evident right away what kind of person they are. If you are lazy, a mooch, obnoxious, rude, ect, don’t even bother applying. 18+ is preferred, but if you are a respectful kid, I can make an exception.

    If you are interested:
    Send a brief email to [email protected]. I am looking for politeness and competence, so please put some effort into it. Tell me who you are, what you have done in wow, and where you want to go with the guild.
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    I updated the post with more complete info.
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    "The problem with quotes on the internet is that you can never tell if they are real." ~Abraham Lincoln

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