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    7/8 Heroic Disc / Holy / Shadow Priest

    I am looking for a Late night guild. Any time after 11 pm EST (8pm PST) is what I need.

    I can raid as many nights a week as you want.

    Name is Bubblebath on Shadowmoon

    realid : [email protected]

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    Hi there, before I add you to RealID, I'll post a bit about our guild.

    Sovereign is an established, active Vanilla guild that is currently seeking members for our roster who would like to raid through Heroic Dragonsoul (10m) and Mists of Pandaria (25m). We operate under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes and has maintained the same competitive edge ever since. ( #1 server iIn Vanilla, #3 in WoTLK )

    Server: Dragonmaw - PvP.
    Faction: Alliance
    Raid Size:10 man (25m in Mists)
    Current Progression: 6/8 HM
    Raiding Schedule: Wed/Sun/Mon from 7p-11p (usuallly earlier) PST. In Mists, our schedule will be changing to weekends Sat/Sun from 7p-11p.
    Website: sov-gaming (dot) com
    Loot System: Loot Council

    Contact Khias/Despina or Perky/Perkchetta for more information!

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    I understand that you're looking for a guild after 11pm est.

    My guild raids at 9 est, so I also understand that you probably wouldn't be able to make it but I felt that I should leave a response anyhow in case something would change and you'd be able to make it.

    We currently run two separate 10 man groups, Group 1 is 8/8 HM while Group 2 is 6/8 with quite a bit of H Spine progression. (Last burn on last plate)
    Raid days are Tuesday/Thursday/Monday.
    Group 2 is currently recruiting a healing priest.

    You can view the thread I have going here at <Click Me!> for more specific information. You can pm me here on mmochamp or in game if you have anymore questions whichever you find best for you.

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