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    [Movies] The Last Samurai.

    Hello. So i just finished watching The last samurai and i wondered is there any other good samurai movies out there that i should know of? it really got me interested in the samurai culture and ways.

    Thanks in advance

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    The Kurosawa samurai movies. (Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Ran, Hidden Fortress, Throne of Blood, Kagemusha etc.)

    Edit: Also:

    Samurai I-III
    Samurai Rebellion
    After the Rain
    The Twilight Samurai
    Samurai Assassin
    Sword of Doom
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    I would have to say jump into the classics. Yojimbo and Sanjuro and The Seven Samurai are all excellent.
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    Cheers guys, i'll check them out!

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    There are tons, but most are going to be Japanese movies. Seven Samurai is a must watch. Then, if you enjoy that check out the rest of Kurosawa films. They are all great. Not all are samurai movies, but there are a number of them like Ran, Rashomon, Sanjuro, and Yojimbo. There is also a long running series of movies (26 of them!) about a blind swordsman named Zatoichi the series is kind of hit or miss of the few that I saw, but still enjoyable.

    Another series called Lone Wolf and Cub is also very good. Six movies and a TV series I think. This one is about a man who is the Shogun's executioner. He is set up by a clan leader and the man's wife is killed. He then goes on the run with his one year old son, working as an assassin in order to eventually get revenge on the man who set him up.

    A more recent movie called 13 Assassins has a similar plot as Seven Samurai. An aging samurai is hired to assassinate the current Shogun's sadistic brother before he gets even more power. The samurai hires 12 other warriors from various places in order to set up an ambush in a small village. The evil Lord catches word of the planned assassin, but thinks he is too powerful to die and marches into the ambush with 200 of his guard. The whole second half of the movie is one huge battle all over the village with some amazing action scenes. Really good ending as well.

    Thats all I can think of, but that should keep you busy. The Kurosawa films are must sees, especially Seven Samurai.
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    Shichinin no Samurai is a must see.
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    I love the last samurai, such an awesome story, beautiful imagery and scenery. I have an asian friend who I was talking to about this movie and although he said he loved it the first time he saw it - he said the second / third time he watched it he began to feel it was just another - white man saves the tribal people who cannot do things for their own. I've seen it like 5 times now, and I told him I saw it as exactly the opposite. In this movie it was the tribal people that ended up saving the white man.

    I can't think of a damn other samurai movie at the moment, but if you can stand anime (this has little to do with samurai) the movie "ninja scroll" might be enjoyable for you.

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