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    [8/8HM] Pally Tank with 399 DPS OS in need of new guild.

    First off let me start by saying my Tank spec is 398 and my DPS OS is 399. I know this is rather low for my progression but I have had awful luck with loot. I have never seen Axe of Morchock drop for my paladin, if it's any matter I'm also working to a trispec of holy and currently have about half a gear set (LFR or better). As of now I'm currently looking for a guild to continue DS and to progress quickly into MoP. I can do either MT or OT but with my OS I'm probably best suited for OT. I'm looking for a guild that is at least 5/8HM (10/25M) and have no problem with giving strategy on fights that the guild has not yet downed. I currently play on Mal'Ganis Horde side but I do not have a problem transferring and/or faction changing which is actually preference now because Mal'Ganis has gotten stale. Currently I will be able to make 95% raid attendance, I said 95% for unforeseen circumstances and I will have to occasionally miss raids due to duty however the raid leader will be notified a week in advance so an ample replacement may be found, I'm also starting 12 hour shifts come July but that will only last 3 months and I will be off work by 1800. If you have any questions or wish to further inquire about recruiting me into your guild I can reached at LiveID:cnreformer(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Other Stats:
    Voice Programs used/Able to be used: Vent,TS, Mumble and Skype.
    Current Time Zone:EST, I can do any US time zone.

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    Hi there, Oryxx!

    <Sovereign> US-Dragonmaw is now recruiting all skilled players to join us in the end of this expansion and through Mists progression. Not only do we raid Dragonsoul weekly, we also do old content (T11/T12 titles and mount runs, transmog runs, etc). We also enjoy world PvP every now and then, and look to make it the same tradition it once was in vanilla on our server during the weekdays casually when we're not defeating internet dargonz.

    About us:
    <Sovereign> has been around on Dragonmaw Alliance since Feb 2005 and is still operated under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes and has maintained the same competitive edge ever since. ( #1 server in Vanilla, #3 in WoTLK )

    We are looking to expand our family back into 25m raiding for mists and are looking for people like you that would be interested in joining us in a core raid position. Right now joining us would give you a raid spot in our 10m, going forward into Mists would make you a core raider by default.

    We provide flasks, feasts, and repairs to everyone, and will offer anyone that xfers to trial 10,000g hands down upon successfully completing their first trial raid with us.

    For us, we all have full time jobs or are going to school so raiding up to 5 days a week just isn't our cup of tea. We know that raiding only 2-3 days a week can be just as efficient as 4-5, with the proper focus and dedication.

    We are currently 6/8 HM, 15% left on the last plate.
    Raid nights: Wed/Sun/Mon from 7p-11p (sometimes ends sooner), PST. In Mists, we will be a weekend raiding guild. The days would be Sat/Sun from 7p-11p.
    Loot is distributed through Loot Council.

    We'd love to hear from you! Contact Khias/Despina or Perky/Perkchetta on Dragonmaw (Alliance) or message me for Real ID information.
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    <Crits> of Mal'Ganis is seeking an exceptional tank for MoP and beyond! Friday and Saturday nights, currently 8/8H 10m. Visit our website http://showusyourcrits.org for details.

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