Thread: Dye Vendors?

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    Dye Vendors?

    Where can one buy armor dyes in the game since commodity auctions are disabled?

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    For A1 I believe the dye vendor is the vendor that's on the path you take to get from the WP area of town to the blacksmith for the quest to help him kill his wife. A2 it will be the fat vendor that is next to the entrance that leads to the emperor. A3 it's the vendor next to the jeweler. A4 I believe Diablo ate all the vendors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilz View Post
    A4 I believe Diablo ate all the vendors.
    Nah, you can portal back to A3 area and buy the dyes.

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    I like A2 <Insert Highest Difficulty Here> on the last quest. All the vendors are right on top of each other, so you don't move around too much. It's a simple reload of the game if they don't have they dyes you want. Inferno, as always, has the most variety.

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