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    I noticed while DPSing a dummy at 86 (not accurate, I know) that my overall DPS was higher with 2x 1h while my burst DPS was higher with 2h.

    I also prefer 2x 1h because they seem to strike faster with Tiger Strikes than 2h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byronyk View Post
    Sims have already been proven wholly inaccurate for many classes, especially the monk.
    Where do you people come from?

    The monk profile is very mature. It's true that it models a patchwerk type fight by default, with no movement etc, but movement and time on target doesn't change 2H vs DW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Where do you people come from?
    Trying keeping it civil. We're all working towards the same goal.

    It has nothing to do with patchwerk-esque fights. It has to do with the fact sims have put certain classes at the bottom (or top) of respective raid damage. For example, monks were simed to be in the lower end of the middle of the pack. Many parses now show monks sitting near or at the top of Mogu'Shan fights. I'm just saying relying singularly on sims for answers is less then ideal in practical application.

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