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    Exclamation [H] Warlock & Hunter pair LF Raid/Guild

    We have 6/8H experience and are looking for a guild to finish out Cataclysm and probably stay with into MOP.
    Our current guild(10m) achieved 5/8H pre-nerfs but is sadly lost to Diablo as most raids are.

    Some requirements we have (somewhat flexible):
    1. Horde only
    2. Looking for a raid that wants both of us
    3. We are willing to server transfer
    4. Looking for a guild that raids 2-3 times a week
    5. we are able to raid after 7:30pm PST weekdays (weekends are somewhat open)
    6. minimum of 6/8H on farm

    We would prefer a medium to high population server.

    Hunter (Grenouille): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...uille/advanced (proficient in all 3 specs)

    Warlock (Imoryn) : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...moryn/advanced prefer aff/demo (have played destro briefly but it would need work to catch up to the other two)

    Our guild didn't log any DS raids so unfortunately there are only very old logs from Firelands. We are both enthusiastic about raiding, know how to play our classes well and are nice people. (no drama)

    If you would be interested in having us join your guild/raid please leave a note here indicating your Guild, server, raid times/days and current progression!! Thank you!
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    Hey! We're always looking for skilled warlocks! (you're so rare these days!)

    We have 2 Hunters in the guild already (1 being the GM and the other is also an officer). Theres always room for talented players on our roster, unless it totally destroys our comp. Luckily we're a 25-man, so we have some flexibility. If he (or she?) was interested in rerolling Monk DPS, that would definitely help his case with us at least.

    Here's some info about us, and good luck in your search!

    <Last Word> is a Horde, US #90 25-Man on Ner'zhul.

    Raid Times During Progression (Server time, PST): M-Th 7:15-10:30
    Currently at 1 day per week; Tuesday.

    We formed several weeks into the tier from two pretty talented guilds and powered through the rest of the tier to be the second 25-Man Madness kill on the server.

    Achievement drakes for all tiers.

    We're aiming (not dreaming) for server firsts and a significant world ranking in the upcoming expansion.

    We have a movie department which has pumped out some great stuff, including an entire 30-minute long Deathwing movie (located at http://youtu.be/4gbSjPhqva4 )

    Visit us for more information and to apply: http://LWlol.com

    Please be sure to include logs!

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