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    Have gathering profs built into "parent" professions?

    Wouldn't it be handy if say you decided to go Blacksmith / JC / Engineering that mining would be built into it? Or LW automatically gets skinning. If you think about it Enchanting already has this as it comes with its material gatherer built in and don't need a seperate profession to gather it. While tailoring is different in that you have to go out and kill for cloth it doesn't suffer from needing another profession to farm for its materials either.

    Gathering professions have always struck me as secondary professions and I generally put it on a toon I don't plan on using much as I like to get worthwhile professions for the class, like my warrior being BS / JC or my shaman being LW / Scribe.

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    Wow just what we need fewer professions. Why not make it so we can have every profession on one character as well.

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    No thanks, Alchemy + JC are already stupidly good money makers, adding the gathering professions to them would make them outstrip absolutely everything else.

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    It's a good idea, but no, it's also a bad one I don't think it should be changed, Mining and herbalism are insane proffesions, i use them when i start "fresh" on new realms, and currently i have 1048gold and i'm level 18 lol, it really is crazy, You don't have to take the gathering ones if you don't want too, i leveled skinning, farmed all the leather i needed then dropped that for LW

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