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    [Resto] Heart of the Wild vs. Nature's Vigil

    Hey i'm just wondering if anyone on the beta knows if there is any competition between the two talents for healing.

    6% Intellect (Increase in raw spell power & crit)


    20% more healing for 30 sec every 3 minutes. (May have unseen huge benefits when combined with a certain ability or other cooldowns. Like Incarnation.)

    Whats Intellect roughly looking like at level 90?
    Just how much benefit is 6% more Intellect and how much sp does it provide?

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    You can't really crunch numbers because if i'm not mistaken they're no addons on beta. This might vary on fight though. For fights that you can't use the 3minute cooldown twice then 6% intellect might be better but at the same time there might be a fight were you NEED that healing cooldown for a certain mechanic

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    I think it might be better to think about this in a burst vs. consistent throughput manner. They are two different tools for different situations.

    If you insist on a direct comparison, though, NV averages out to 4% increased healing and damage when used on cooldown, which i'd expect to be slightly less than HotW's passive.

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