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    Most interesting/fun tanking class in MOP

    I know it is mostly opinion but I did not know if anyone had extensively played several tanks on the beta and had some insigt on what their favorite/most fun to tank with class is.

    I am so confused on what tank class to roll, I am a paladin and was dead set on re rolling but after seeing lights hammer it had me thinking differently

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    atm i slide between paladin and dk. warriors rage gain is to slow for my liking, and druid can manage with 2 buttons again...

    one thing i enjoy about paladins in Mop beta is the glyphs that makes me change location on cons+ the fact they have decent aoe and single target tps etc
    Dk's baseline for me is interesting now. they dont have that major cd that warr druid and pala has atm but you can abuse more cd's overall and well. you can swing a frigging 2h wpn

    THIS IS MY 2 CENTS. do not take this as facts.
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    If only for the novelty aspect, you might want to try the monk. Plus they're probably going to be OP for a few months anyway.

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    I played a monk and beta and I honestly had a lot of fun, my only set back with rolling one is that I want to jump right into new content 12:00 launch day

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