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    Best Sub Spec For Levelling?

    Hey guys, new here and just started playing wow again. After making a new account i decided to go with a rogue on a new server and was wondering what the best levelling spec is? I am asking this question due to backstab having very high energy consumption.

    Thanks, Jabz.

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    I liked sub a lot when lvling. Very high burst damage so you're taking down mobs in a couple of gcd's. Don't worry about backstab. Just ambush>hemorr, hemorr, evisc and most of the time the mobs will be dead. Once you can reach it use deadly momentum in the Assasination tree to keep recup & SnD rolling when you're killing mobs.
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    All 3 specs are fine for leveling and each has its advantages.

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    Personally ive been Sub all the way, and kinda never went for Combat, still on ultrax i just stay sub...
    Sub is great for PVP and in PVE you can adjust your spec quite abit to make it more viable.

    While dungeons alot of mobs will face you and therefor combat might be faster. But with ambush pretty much destroying npc's while leveling sub is very viable.
    Would pretty much be your leveling aim.
    While questing Tricks of the trade is rather useless so keep 1 point in there untill you're forced to put the other 2 in. (5% ftw)

    For combat it doesnt matter, just do sinister strike and rev strike and then zzzzzzzzz

    Sorry i fell asleep while typing that... someone else might give you a better quide for combat, like someone that also plays arcane mage

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    Okay, thanks guys

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