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    [Elemental] Shockaman build..?

    So...with recent patch on beta, Shocks damage has been ridiculously buffed. Elemental Fusion has been buffed as well. I've tried it myself on lv 100 beta char to proper SW dummy. And here's the list of what i've tested on new Shocks damage.

    Earth Shock
    non crit dmg: 6.5k
    crit dmg: 18k-ish
    with EF non crit dmg: 16k-ish
    with EF crit dmg: 40k-ish

    Frost Shock
    non crit dmg: 5.4k
    crit dmg: 13.5k
    with EF non crit dmg: 15k-ish
    with EF crit dmg: 37.5k-ish

    Flame Shock
    non crit direct dmg: 1.7k
    non crit dot: 860-ish
    with EF and UE (non UF) non crit: 6.9k-ish
    with EF and UE (non UF) non crit dot: 2,5k per tick

    Lightning Bolt
    non crit dmg: 5.9k
    crit dmg: 14.75k

    Lava Burst
    non FS'd target dmg: 8.6k
    FS'd target dmg: 12.9k
    (this Lava Burst dumb-downed dmg is kinda a downer though...)

    Note: EF is always on 2 stacks.

    By seeing those damages comparison above, i feel that Shocks are turn out to be our highest priority if you pick Elemental Fusion build. I've personally test it myself, and i feel it's really fun to have another things to manage (EF stacks). I gotta keep UE+EF'd Flame Shock to be always up. I also gotta keep Fulmination on full LS stack while not wasting EF buff by dumping it with Frost Shock. It's adding a bit flavour to our basic rotation. And EoTE is helping a lot on building EF stacks to be more frequent than only depending on Lava Surge alone. Make the talent more appealing on this build i suppose. Wonder if Shocks damage would be retuned later lol. If its not then, i may say that SHOCKAMAN build is Born!! ;D
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    twitter war with Celestalon with leading shaman theorycrafters calling this buffed Earth shock "blatantly overpowered" especially when taking Elemental Fusion.

    I wounder what they will do after this change is reverted? Buff lava again?

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