Hi there my name is Justice, and im 26 years old. I have been playing Wow on and off since vanilla, and i know a good bit about the game.. I havent played Cata much along with Pandaria. I am looking to do alot of pvp, because it is the most appealing to me, But i want to also do some Endgame pve content as well.. I am a laid back player, but i am definatly looking to improve my game. I have experience playing a pally, spreist, Hunter, shaman, warlock, dk, and some rogue. i havent had a chance to do arenas, but i am looking forward to it.. If i actually find a guild that is fun for me, and plays the game to get themselves known, i am looking for a competitive guild, but a social guild that strides at progressing in pvp and pve would be awesome as well. Message me in game batleid Thoriel#1284.