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    ~♥~[A]Slash Hug 25m 8/8H - 3Days - LFM~♥~

    We want skilled players with a good attitude that want to progress. We spend a decent amount of time each week raiding together, so having the personalities in our raid group mesh well together is important. You also need to be patient and able to take constructive criticism.

    We're looking for exceptional players to finish out this expansion and go into Pandaland with. All applications will be considered, so feel free to app even if your spec isn't listed.

    This has come up a few times, so to anyone that wants to join now and trial in MoP, there's a post on our forums about this. The short version is: Yes, we will take an application for that.

    Raid info:
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 8-12pm EST
    Invites start at 7:45 to clear trash up. We have a 10 minute break at 10pm to minimize afks.
    **Right now during farm content we usually full clear 8/8H in under 2 hours then have the rest of the night off**

    ♥Healers (In general - High):
    Holy Paladin - High
    H/D Priest - High
    Resto Shaman - High
    Resto Druid - Medium

    Tanks (In general - Low):
    Prot Warrior with dps off-spec

    Melee (In general - Low/Medium):
    Windwalker Monks - High

    Range (In general - Low/Medium):

    I'll update this list as needed.

    If you have any questions, feel free to make a lvl 1 on Mannoroth, add me to Real ID, or post here.
    RealID: [email protected] If I don't accept the invite, Real ID bugged. I have no idea why it does that sometimes. Please try a lowbie or the website if it happens.
    Battletag: Gohugurmama#1280
    Who to whisper: Gohugurmama, Zavri, Rhapsody - Anyone in the guild can point you to us.

    Off Nights
    We're an active guild outside of main raids as well. We're alt-friendly and social with people on at just about any hour of the day. Old content for alts/transmog/ach is pretty common. Non-cata things are usually unplanned and just thrown together throughout the week. None of this stuff is mandatory of course, but it's around if you enjoy that type of thing.
    We do a weekly 7/7H clear of FL for titles/mounts/oranges.

    Alt Runs
    We do an 8/8H 10m alt run on Thursdays and a 6/8H 10m alt run on Fridays. We're always looking for some more people to drag along to these. Other alt runs start up randomly throughout the week. We're in the process of starting up a 25m alt run too.

    We do RBGs on Saturdays for achs/mounts/etc. It's not a set group, we rotate it around.
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    needs moar hearts

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    Quote Originally Posted by shdwboxn View Post
    needs moar hearts
    Haha yep. Those are for Sprixi. :P

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    Btw, we're selling Heroic Madness and Heroic Rag mounts, as well as titles and gear. Contact me in-game or via Real ID for more info.

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    LF a baller Ele Shaman with a great attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gohugurmama View Post
    LF a baller Ele Shaman with a great attitude.
    And likes to GCG in raids!!!

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    3k raid bump!!!

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    So close to 3 healing H Madness. SOON!

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    Still LF an Ele Shaman!

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    This site is so smart, how do they know i keyboard turn??

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    wait, KB turning and binding all my spells to the numberpad, never touching the mouse, is frowned upon?

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    Omg ur guild sux l2p noobs kthxbai

    Bump 4 mop

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    Lol hey Zavri! Hope you're gonna raid again in MoP.

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    Hey, Zavri can actually bump this one!

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    Study Break Bump

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    Interested in seeing some apps from melee as well. Still LF some great ranged dps (emphasis on Spriest, Boomkin, Ele Shaman). Submit an app and come say hi to us!

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    An spriest would be cool. Elandora wants company.

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    Go go Spriests and Ele Shamans! App it up!

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