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    Optimal usage + power aura for Kiroptyric Sigil for a combat rogue

    Hi all,

    I just recently acquired the valor trinket as a combat rogue. I am curious of two things:

    1: Do you normally fire this trinket off when you go through Adrenanline Rush or Killing Spree? Do you macro them together?
    2: Can anyone point me to a power aura import for when the ability is available and when the buff has worn off?
    3: favorite macros for using this ability?

    Thank you so much for your help.
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    I usually used it with AR, Used AR 7~ seconds beforehand, also trying to line it up with Deep Insight.
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    It's better to run it with AR than killing spree. First off the effective cooldown of AR is pretty close to the 90 sec of kiroptyric. Secondly, KS only gets benefit from 2.5 seconds of the 15, the other 12.5 seconds are just your normal rotation. If you couple kyroptirc with AR, you get more out of the 2290 agility because it's more than just your "normal rotation."

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    If you're going to macro it to anything, macro it to Adrenaline Rush. But to be honest, you won't get the most out of it that way.

    To get the absolute most out of the trinket, you should be using it during the Red phase of Bandit's Guile during an Adrenaline Rush. To time that perfectly (with T13 4P and glyph) you should be using Adrenaline Rush at 1 point into the Green (10%) BG phase, and then popping Sigil as soon as Bandit's Guile hits Red (which should also be with about 15 seconds of AR left).
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    I usually used it with AR, Used AR 7~ seconds beforehand, also trying to line it up with Deep Insight.
    I definitely try to line it up for deep insight that first time, and I also have AR for that.

    After that first one... you are best off using it on cooldown, mostly. I mean, I wouldn't recommend triggering it in blank insight or green, but you spend so little time in those it shouldn't be an issue. You definitely shouldn't wait for a big cooldown to sync it with if you have to wait very long at all.

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