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    sub FW management

    Hi mmo,

    I just got a doubt on how i'm managing my find weakness debuff.

    What i'm doing right now is
    -prepull: 5CP->SnD
    -pull: premed-ambush -> rupture
    -hemo, 2*BS -> recuperate
    -BS+HaT-> evi
    -then my first FW is off so i use ShD + TotT + kiroptyric sigil trinket (don't have better choice) (ambush - sds - ambush [id o not use shs on the ambush from the pull so i can use it on the 2ond of shd) finishing my shd
    -refreshing and, recup, rupture using evi
    -then my second FW is down so i -night elf vanish - ambush
    -keep rolling on buffs/debuff
    -third FW down i vanish-ambush again
    -keep rolling on buffs/debuffs
    -4th FW down so again vanish-ambush
    till this one is down i would have been on FD for more or less 58 sec, my next shd is till on cd for another 12 sec

    then i use my priority on EJ shd>vanish>prep

    sorry for the long intro but here is my question: am I doing it right or should i wait to bring my FW when i can TOT with the 2pc tier 13 bonus? because it would be better but its on 30 sec cd its huge when we have all those ways to provide the FW debuff on the boss.

    I'm currently at 32k dps with a 394 ilvl but i think i could do better than that. (my rogue used to be my main on 4.2 but i had (and liked) to tank since 4.3) so i'm raiding with it when i can but no vial of shadow nor wrath of the unchaining (never seen one of those on normal and heroics).

    thanks for the answers:)

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    If a fight requires a "burn" I Generally keep Vanish+Prep. Though seeing as the majority of fights in DS and in RHC's are faceroll. You are doing it fine.

    However this is preference for myself. I open with Ambush>Hemo>Wait for Wrath to get to 10 stacks(can spam BS for this even if you loose CP's) and apply rupture before MoS runs out.

    Though you've pretty much answered your own question by listing your rotation. You should be using Tott on CD and it should align perfectly every minute for you to use it with Shadow Dance. Don't wait to use with a vanish/Smeld Ambush--It's pointless. Only use at the start of the fight when you SD with all Debuffs/buffs up and use it every 30 seconds and it'll fall on SD, Give or take a second.

    Just burn through them FW appliers at the start of the fight and you'll have them off cooldown for bloodlust which it the only time you really want them ready.

    EDIT: Reading it again in my head. You seem really concerned that you don't have Find Weakness up 100% of the time. It's not going to happen and never will. The best i've gotten when the moons align and RNG gods blessed me was 48% on a Zon'ozz normal kill. Which frankly counts for nothing. So don't stress yourself about it. You're doing everything you should be.
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    Thank's a lot
    So ok i was maybe too much concerned about maximizing FW uptime thus neglecting the fact that i should keep prep for burn phase. Thanks for the tip

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    "Maximizing FW uptime" does not necessarily mean "lining up FW to be up as long as possible". You can have time gaps where FW is not up and not have it affect your DPS in the slightest.
    The more important thing would be to make sure you're timing FW to be up at the correct moments.

    For example, as a soaker on H-Morchok:

    Both Morchok and Kohcrom have a gap in time on Heroic between Crystal Phase ending and Stomps restarting. During this time, it would be best to pop Shadow Dance because you're not needed on soaking just yet.
    On Morchok's group, you'd pop ShD, finish ShD and run back to soak. Then pop Vanish once Shadowstep is off-CD and do Ambush again to get more FW uptime during that phase.
    You can do that (and have about 15 seconds of FW uptime per Stomp phase) at least twice in the fight during a normal-length H-Morchok kill.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you can, try to pool energy for a few seconds before you "apply" Find Weakness.

    Also, try to have snd and recup at max duration.

    These will help you maximise the amount of Backstabs you can get off during Find Weakness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtstormrage View Post
    If you can, try to pool energy for a few seconds before you "apply" Find Weakness.
    Also, try to have snd and recup at max duration.
    These will help you maximise the amount of Backstabs you can get off during Find Weakness.
    Pooling energy, absolutely.
    Getting SND and Recup to max duration can help (only a little) for sustaining some of the burst after FW goes away, but you have to remember that SND/Recup last 30 seconds at max duration (for Sub) and FW lasts 8.
    You just need to make sure SND is going to be active for a while after FW is applied, Recup is less important.
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    ok thx for the tips. waiting till capping have indeed maid my rotation easier and more effective!

    But you remind me something I've always been wondering, when I read guides about sub rogue, it seems that refreshing recuperate after its end is not "so bad", But when i find myself without recuperate running, it seems to me that i'm making everything wrong because of the losse of those energy ticks, so if i find myself in the situation where i've 5CP and both snd and recap are at 1-3 sec from ending, i always refresh recuperate first. Is that a bad habit? (apologize if my english isn't that good)

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    Yes, the SnD, like it or not, is an invaluable amount of damage increase, even if you can't "feel it" the way you feel recup ticking for energy. Get that SnD back up/renewed, and worry about the recup afterwards (as soon as you can, sure, but SnD has to be the priority).

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    ok thanks a lot for those answers.

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