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    Assination help

    I have just dusted off my 80 rogue any advice for assination rotation be nice..thanks

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    I have just dusted off my 80 rogue any advice for assination rotation be nice..thanks
    Hello. Welcome back!

    I have found this thread really useful; it has been in my favourites since the start of Cata:

    It discusses all Rogues specs but there is a summary of the basics of Assassination.

    [square brackets added by me]

    Glyphs: Mutilate, Backstab, and Rupture.
    Opener: [Pre-pot/stealth macro]->Garrote->Rupture->[Mutilate - [if no Ruthlessness proc]]->SnD->Vendetta->Mutx2->CB Envenom
    Rotation: [Obviously have SND up]. Rupture if its down, Envenom otherwise. [Above 35%:] While Mutilating, use 4+ finishers. [Below 35%:] When Backstabbing, 4+ and 5 give very similar results, but the latter appears to be slightly superior for most gear sets. [Set up a Powa Aura to ping at you when your target reaches less then 35% health].
    Poisons: Instant MH, Deadly OH, [DP on thrown for adds that dont die in less than about 10 seconds, otherwise IP]
    Stats: Agi (gem Agi everywhere unless you have to gem a yellow or purple to get a 20+ socket bonus) > Hit to 1332 with 2/3Precision > Mastery > Haste > Expertise.

    There is a far more detailed Assassination thread here if you want some more advanced reading:


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    thank you very much this was very helpful!

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    Assination? Is that even suitable for a public forum?
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