My guild, Wicked, has suffered dreadfully in terms of raid attendance due to Star Wars, Diablo, and generally the huge gap between latest content and the upcoming expansion.

If you or any of your friends would like to raid on a regular basis, and would like an 18+ relaxed evening guild, please consider us! Right now our ideal needs would be one pally healer, one resto shaman, and any non-priest ranged dps, although we can be flexible on exact classes (we are full on melee, however). With only one or two more good people, we should be able to easily finish the 4 hard modes that remain to us.

We have been around and under the same leadership since Burning Crusade, and when we have solid attendance, we are usually in the top 5 on our server for progression. We prove ourselves on being a community of respectful adults--no yelling in vent, constructive criticism is expected to be acted upon, and we do not tolerate discrimination or drama of any sort.

We raid T/W/Th 7:30pm CST to 11pm CST, although Wednesdays may become a night for older content, depending on interest. We are on the server Malorne.

Our website is, and there is a link to an application there (it's through Guildlaunch).

Thank you, and I hope to see an app soon!