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    It is quite hard to see what they want to do with mistweavers. Pretty much every patch has changed the healing style of them. Granted a few of the patches did contain needed nerfs but this one seems to be way over the top.

    This patch seems to have removed any ability to AoE heal. I know we were looking good for tank / single target healing but I've not been able to play since the last two patches where they have reduced Soothing Mists by a lot and now increased Surging Mists mana cost in this patch.

    I think it would be good to hear from blizzard now on which direction they are wanting to go with monks. If they have decided that they will primarily play as melee and heal by dps'ing I may rethink my decision to reroll in MoP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EGTactics View Post
    The latest patch is meh. I'll have to test it but from a glance, this is changing MW healing a bit much.

    Mistweavers needed tuning but ugh, raid healing is going to be a serious pain. Lets hope they revert back on some of their decision.
    They will. Take it from a Holy Paladin since BC; they nerf where they think it is needed but will revert some of it if they feel that the nerf does too much to the class. For example, Holy Paladins just got Divine Favor back. I am sure Blizz wants to see how Monks do now compared to before. If the numbers change too drastically I am sure they will try to salvage some of the AoE healing; especially if they see that has gone down too much.

    After reading the patch notes, I see that melee healing is still viable, but the ranged healing got hit hard. I am happy that melee healing wasn't gutted but they might have been too nerf happy with Uplift.

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    This nerf seems to make monk healing completely useless in a 25m setting. I sometimes think the dev's are sitting there without a single clue on what they are doing and just basing their decisions off of pure HPS instead of actually playing with a MW Monk themselves.

    I see them changing these nerfs when 25m testing comes out and they realize that the best we got in a 25m is hope that its a stacked up fight and that we use spinning crane kick.

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    It should be reverted back to some extent, It's just a massive joke at the current moment.

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    Well 4set got changed Thats something good

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    A lot of changes in this newest patch, ...basically the "pure" healing style is a super powerful MT healer with little AoE healing capabilities. If you need to "raid heal" you would have to melee heal.

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    The Raid tier 4 pc got changed to

    4pc :Increases the healing done by Enveloping Mist by 25%.

    So no more chi wave complaints I bet.

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    Right now Uplift seems to be bugged, because when I'm using it i automatically get 2 Stacks of Manatea... I used the new Glyph btw.

    ... and I'm loosing Chi when out of combat
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    Loosing chi when you dont gain any new on ise intended. Its same wiht holypower, rage and the one DK have

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    This is ridicolous. Somebody get to the US forums and kick some GC's face.

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    Im there and the discuss is heating on there go read from page 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahakas View Post
    A lot of changes in this newest patch, ...basically the "pure" healing style is a super powerful MT healer with little AoE healing capabilities. If you need to "raid heal" you would have to melee heal.
    This is how I see it, too. Hopefully they will increase AoE healing slightly so people who rather stay back can do so.

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    chi torpedo has been buffed !! from an average 2k5/3k heal before now you got a 20/25 k. (non crit)

    [It seems also that the bugg related to manatea-gain through the use of glyphed uplift is just a part of a larger bugg. You gain 2 stack of manatea for each 2 chi consumed actually.] fixed

    and there might be a problem with de decade of chi over time (might be because of the lagg) where you got enough chi to use an hability bt can't because that 2nd chi is "on cooldown for decade".
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    I cant see MWs to be a strong tank healer atm. Soothing mist heals for 7k/sec is not going to keep a tank alive and the use of Surging mist will drain your mana faster then you tink

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    but as envelopping mist works actually it will compensate the weackness of surging mist (can be compare to lifebloom for the heal over timle it produces without the final proc)

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    In it's current state Monk is so broken atm it is useless to even think of raid / challenge mode testing. Whoever designed these nerfs is an absolute moron, it's amazing they couldn't realize that they removed the classes ability to group heal AND nerfed our single target healing with no understand of why our single target healing was so high. (Here is a clue, is Zen Sphere NOT Soothing Mists.)

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    ZS is a great great tool ATM in raid healing to ! Explosion is amazing in "stack" group healing and there's no target limitation to the effect. 180k crit on 40 pers while testing a world boss is much more than a OP spell ! the fact that we've lost in this current buils the habillity to spamm uplift to refresh ReM, shouldn't be such a problem, we juste have to find another way with all the tools we have.

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    To do the ZS explosion costs 4 Chi. That is a ridiculous cost just for an AoE Heal when other classes have far superior tools. The raid wide HoT effect of RM was one of the best class defining healing archetypes of the Monk in general and basically the removal of it was very heavy handed. Honestly just a nerf of the actual healing of RM was all that was needed.

    Same reason as the nerf to Soothing Mists made little to no sense, this coupled with the grossly increased mana costs of Surging puts our longevity into question when no other classes "quick heal" costs this much.

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    if by far supoerior tool you mean a instant AOE that heal for 25 / 50 % of raid HP, I doubt they have that on demand (I mean without a 3 min CD) Of course il requireto know a bit the encounter to build that chi amount and be ready for that ! As a drood péérejuv his groups in a R25 man to be ready for the big shot.

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    ZS is bugged i think or not scaling right. Compared to Chi wave and Chi burst ZS is many times better and it shouldnt be like that. The t2 talents should be equal balance or close. Not like this. So saying ZS is the best we have atm is true but its broken justl ike the rest of the MWs playstyle.

    I run some dungeons yday and today and i mostly melee heal. Using ReM on CD and ZS. But hard to know how everything work when ZS is so OP and mana tea is broken wiht te Uplift glyph

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