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    Do the legendary daggers proc more during madness of death wing?

    Maybe it's just because it's a long, long fight, but I get many more finisher spams during madness than other fights, even ones I get to stand still for the most part on like Ultraxion and Zon'ozz. And it seems like I always get my wings to proc at the very final burn even if I had them come out shortly before killing the adds in phase 2. Is this just a coincidence, or do they just proc more often for Madness?

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    Nozdormu (bronze platform) gives you 20% haste. More haste = more energy regen & more autoattacks and that leads to more stacks of shadows of the destroyer.

    Plus autoattacks on the limb tentacles don't miss. this also leads to more procs.

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    Ah, that explains most of it then. Still feels like I'm getting unexpected fury procs during the last few % of the fight but I'll have to run it again to see if this is the case, and keep a closer eye on my shadow stacks in phase 2.

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    You've got all the buffs back in phase 2 =) so it's happening for the same reason.

    The only time you shouldn't see excessive proc values is between finishing the bronze platform and starting phase 2.

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