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    I like Daily Blink But prefered 2nd Human screen (last one)

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    The silvershard mine video wouldn`t work for me, so I had to watch a video of it on youtube. That guy`s voice was so annoying...
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Adding a Death Rune cost to some abilities is an elegant way to allow all 3 specs to fit an attack into their rotations
    Can someone on the US forums tell GC that the 3 specs already have a shared resource that could be used as an elegant way to implement those cross-spec abilities ?

    Runic Power

    It's so much easier to change the RP generated by used runes (frost dks already have too much RP) to give players that little extra RP to use extra abilities...
    No need for an extra rune resource to track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futch View Post
    SilverShard Mines is the most, confusing bad example of pvp right now. If that doesn't get reworked ( yes i know it's beta) to about 1-2 carts being pushed. honestly, so far all i see is, 1). you don't have to push the cart just get it to your factions color, 2). track switching has really no benefits besides faster drop offs of resources. 3). no attacking or defending. all it is, is another zerg map. where people walk by n let the cart move on it's way. They need to look at the payload maps from Valve and rework their silvershard mines. or else it will be, IMO, the fastest blacklisted BG when it releases.

    I was excited for this bg, but now, not so much. so im really hoping in this state it's in. it doesn't make it to the final cut. ( Yes, again, i know it's beta)
    He didn't really try to capture one of the carts from the other team, or they capture one of his carts. For all we know, the longer the travel distance from the carts start to the end, the higher the point burst will be.

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    Love that Daily Blink. Someone make that addon!

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    What kind of bg preveiw was that? I barely saw any pvp there. Dancing in the middle and jumping around? I got no information about anything, except I saw how the bg looks like, but that all really. I don't get how ppl can think they make a preview without making a research about what they gonna show.

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    Haha loving the daily blink.

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    Haha the Daily Blink is hilarious!

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    While noting my appreciation for getting a preview into these battlegrounds, the style of video being posted here -- where the narrator seems like a clueless boy delivering us precisely no new information as he wrestles with the new scene -- is slightly unnecessary. Surely it would be favourable to have a well-researched video demonstrating the principles of these battlegrounds based on what Blizzard has said, rather than a 10 minute video of somebody *getting to grips* with the very concept. Just my opinion: grateful for the video, wish it could be slightly better presented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Algrumm View Post
    Did anyone else not read the "Level 90 Warrior" and just presume the daily blink was talking about a paladin?

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    haha! Hilarous daily blink!
    Always love humorous daily blink that I can understand.

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    i'm gonna guess the week before mop is released bliz posts the rogue known issues, they will be fixed in the next expansion

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    At least now on realms that are non PvP, it will be a lot easier to identify the faction of Pandaren if their not flagged for PvP.

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    We don't want updated selection character screen! We want updated characters models! :P

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    The BG videos were a bit disappointing. I really wanted to see gameplay. I think most everybody else wanted to see gameplay, too. We already know what the BGs look like. No offense to whoever put it together.

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    I want that addons...inspection gadget...someone make that addon!!!!!!

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    Note to chaud or whoever it is making the videos,the Temple of KOT (cot) MO (Mo) GU (Goo) the last time i heard was a points game based if you will on a dartboard style of play,if you hold the ball in the centre (Bullseye) you say get 25points per 3secs (just an example) and if you stand in the 2nd ring (Lets call it the numbers section on the dartboard) you get 15 points per 3sec,then lastly if you sit in the doubles area of the dartboard (The outer rim) you only get 5 points per 3 sec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    If only the inspection gadget was true. It would be possible if Blizzard didn't hide such info from public. :c
    That would not fair be if they made that information available. People grow up and change and unlike the garbage justice system in the US your past should never effect your future success over something stupid.
    “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”

    -Christopher Hitchens, 13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011

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    the mine bg looks good

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