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    Has the human bodyshape in creation slightly been slimmed down? Seems less bulky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franz87 View Post
    We don't want updated selection character screen! We want updated characters models! :P
    Couldn't agree more. I'm excited that they've said they are finally doing this though. I've read that if it's not ready for MoP launch, which will probably be the case, they'll have it in there for a patch in the future. Either way, I'm glad.

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    Wow, there certainly are a lot of BS answers and even some "well F U we'll do what we want" answers in that Death Knight section. Blizzard arrogance at it's finest.

    Also in the daily blink are all the red stat numbers supposed to be bad and the white numbers good? I thought elitests liked Add-ons and would probably prefer people to have lots of level 85+ characters. Also any BG AFK should be bad, there isn't much excuses unless you have played the game for an extremely long time, play PVP a lot and the occasional times the phone rang or something caused you to step away and it accumulated over time.

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    What's wrong with 300 addons? <_<

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    The Daily Blink is just to funny. Blizzard, please make this a reality.

    Karma always has the last laugh.

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    The previous revision of the new human character selection screen looked better, the female character at least looks like she's standing on the path. This revision makes it look more like the character isn't integrated into the background, like they've been photoshopped in or something.

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    Who cares about some screen in the background. I do want a movement change...many people are already bored with their race...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futch View Post
    SilverShard Mines is the most, confusing bad example of pvp right now. If that doesn't get reworked ( yes i know it's beta) to about 1-2 carts being pushed. honestly, so far all i see is, 1). you don't have to push the cart just get it to your factions color, 2). track switching has really no benefits besides faster drop offs of resources. 3). no attacking or defending. all it is, is another zerg map. where people walk by n let the cart move on it's way. They need to look at the payload maps from Valve and rework their silvershard mines. or else it will be, IMO, the fastest blacklisted BG when it releases.

    I was excited for this bg, but now, not so much. so im really hoping in this state it's in. it doesn't make it to the final cut. ( Yes, again, i know it's beta)
    things that could make it better:
    1 Carts coming from multiple spawning points
    2. instead of painting the cart have the players have to hold the drop off node, would make the switch control more interesting
    3..Make it possible to keep a cart going in circles instead of hitting a drop off
    4...Instead of water, bottomless chasm, and have the cart on rickety rails to increase knockoff
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    Best Daily Blink in a while. I'm was definitely actually laughing out loud as I read that. Good stuff.

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    It's good to see these previews of those Battlegrounds... But please don't use that Nick commentator, all of his videos that I've seen he's been absolutely clueless without actually reading up on anything (both for this BG preview as well as class previews that I've seen). Every time I hear the intro of "hey guys I'm nick", I give it a vain hope that he might have gotten a clue, just to realise that he in fact hasn't and just thumb down. It makes me sad to see the MMO-C logo at the start of those vids (and him riding the spectral tiger).

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    Nick's commentating was awful, he didn't do any research at all. Even from the site he is representing. He needs to be replaced along with PICO.

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    Just because you want a ginger chick with freckles right? Perv.

    Can't wait for the new pvp stuff.

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    Good DB, but please let's not really create shit like that. We have enough elitist jerks in the game as it is to encourage the creation of MORE of them.
    I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hari-Kari rock! I need scissors! 61!

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