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    Need Help With Ret Pally Burst

    Just started out Ret i know the rotation and everything hopped into a fresh DS. I have 385 ilevel.

    When i'm bursting on Ultra with wings/zealotry i notice that when i do crusader strike and temps verdict my by the time the gcd comes back around crusader strike only has a second or half a second to come back up so in this situation should i hammer and be stuck in a gcd till crusader strike or just spam crusader strike and verdict?

    How much of a bonus does the 4 set give? I did about 31k DPS having enough time to use my wings/zealotry twice. I'm rocking 3 piece t13 and two piece t12 with only 46k burst.

    Want to maximize my burst any advice anyone could give would be awesome. Using 397 slicer over 390 gurth because i feel like since the content is nerfed so much gurth isnt that good so i would rather have pure stats. Any thoughts on this?


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    Step 1. IF you still don't have it, go and buy the on use str tinket from vp vendor, Rotting Skull.
    Step 2. Make a macro
    /cast Zealotry
    /cast Avenging Wrath
    /cast Templar's Verdict
    /use Rotting Skull

    Step 3. Watch stuff die.

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    To maximise burst you need to use an on-use trinket, I would not recommend using one however for any other fights but Spine.
    Tier 12 2 set is pretty weak, I can't give you an exact number but the 4set bonus from t13 is going to increase your burst dps by insane amounts. Unless you are under a bloodlust effect you should use a filler inbetween each Crusader Strike and Templar's Verdict during your cds.
    CS -> TV -> Exorcism -> CS -> TV -> HoW -> CS -> TV -> And so on.
    Your priority during cds should be:
    CS for HP > TV Divine Purpose > TV > Exorcism > HoW > Judgement > HW.
    If under bloodlust effect spamming CS and TV will do.
    397 slicer is superior to LFR Gurth so I would use that aswell, however if you want to push absolutely max burst dps, using LFR Gurth and hoping for a lucky tentacle proc will be superior, however I wouldn't recommend it, as it is an overall dps loss.

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    I use Rotting Skull on Hagara Heroic and have the #18 parse for heroic 10 man so I'd say that's also a fight where you should use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aideren View Post
    I use Rotting Skull on Hagara Heroic and have the #18 parse for heroic 10 man so I'd say that's also a fight where you should use it.
    Yeah that's true forgot about Hagara, I use H: AoK for that fight, I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes

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