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    delete plix

    For mentioning LFR when my char is sitting on 15k achievement points is rather rude, wont be arsed looking at these replies.
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    Nice guide but let me help you with my criticism.

    0. We have a fire PVE guide, but no one looks at Swizzles "READ THIS" post anyway so whatever, no big deal.
    1. You should probably throw the word PVE somewhere in your title.
    2. I'm not seeing any talents if there's supposed to be something there.
    3. You should add the Haste values instead of just percentages for haste caps.
    4. You should use MI all the time. MI saving maybe for 5 mans, but don't pass the DPS up in raids.
    5. Your combustion tip...Is to use it when all DoTs are up. That could be with a scorch ignite and people would use it. You should mention ignite stacking or go in depth, combustion is the heart of a Fire Mage.

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    6. MoP is almost out so why really post a guide for a old patch.
    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    I'm calling it, Republicans will hold congress in 2018 and Trump will win again in 2020.

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    Pretty sure I mentioned not able to link yet, anyways.
    It is true images are high dps per executed gcd but I wouldnt recommend it
    As for the combustion, ignite stacking is there, but this is meant to serve as a compliment to the video with actual gameplay
    /best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurving View Post
    It is true images are high dps per executed gcd but I wouldnt recommend it

    You're suggesting holding off on using something that's damned near 175k DPCT... in case a tank dies and you need to buy a few seconds? Am I reading this right? If a tank's dead, you've got a lot bigger issues than if you'll survive for another 4 seconds. I'm sorry dude, but you should really learn how to play before you attempt to teach others. It was attempted guides like this back in 4.0 that prompted my frost guide at the time.

    Good try, but I'm afraid you're likely to get ripped apart by some more blunt people when they get online. It's comments like the one quoted that'll just make it worse, too.
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    No one suggested not to use, just when.
    And I think I can handle being ripped apart, dont hurt yourself bigboy.
    /best regards

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    Incomplete even flawed at some points, missing information and totaly mistimed guide tbh.

    I will touch on some I noticed

    Why not name the names, Potent for Crit etc. Also there is no Purple gem slot, but purple gems.... And yes yellow slots but the gems you mention are not yellow gems, instead are orange

    Combustion (when all DoTs are on target) / 10 stacks of Stolen Time > LB+Ignite+Pyro DoT > Combustion.
    Both of this needs a "bit" more detail, this is way to simple and even misleading.

    5.1.2. Timewarp/Bloodlust usage
    Way to global a statement, many fights there are different concerns you need to take into consideration

    Crit -> Crit again before tick = stacked ignite.
    This is exactly why more haste IS indeed usefull, Fireball cast time does not go below the 2 second tick time of ignite untill you reach 15.6% GEAR haste
    ( 2.5 default cast time / 1.05 Raid haste / 1.03 Netherwind / 1.156 Gear = 1.999 seconds cast )
    This is assuming no pushback, no lag, no nothing, hence stacking more haste is the only way to get "proper" ignite stacking without ticks going off
    At 128.06 that is a minimum of 1998 rating, however perfect world... Getting it down to 1.9 seconds is 21.7% or 2778 rating.
    Co incidentaly you will need something like 22% haste to reach the sub-2 second cast time if you dont get the 5% raid haste.

    Soft capped haste for a priest? Which is how much?

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    2nd VT tick with DI would be 2141,
    Synced MF with MB, 2228

    Yes, obviously its a statement, this ISNT THE GUIDE, the video will be. I wonder how many got pass the first sentences.
    And yes, its late in the patch, Ill agree with that.

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    Like Kuni says, for Mirror Image, it's a DPS cooldown:
    it's help the tank to build it's first aggro
    if your tank died, you only have 2 options: the off-tank taunt and the tank is battle rez, it's a wipe.

    For Ice Block, I'm sorry but it's an emergency cooldown, like Cauterize. You can't just say : "Ice Block if you have Cauterize". Because, the healer don't have difficulty to keep you alive and because some boss require the use of cauterize.

    You don't even mention the Goblin's racial in your haste cap.

    For Focus Magic, I'm sorry but it's not an optimal usage to put it on a Fire Mage. It will depend on a lot of other factor. On my guild, it will generally go on the heal and it will have an uptime of 98% easily.

    For me, your post is a big work but not a guide. A guide is for all race, has a good writing with a minimum usage of abbreviation. You have to know a minimum about the actual fight, not only LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurving View Post
    For mentioning LFR when my char is sitting on 15k achievement points is rather rude, wont be arsed looking at these replies.
    sad when things end this way

    correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe most dots are not to drop off now a days with the obvious exception of Living Bomb.

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    lol, what a beatdown ITT
    so how's the video coming along?

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    Damn you guys are fucking rough. Prob made the guy cry.

    This thread should be locked then.

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    Well then...

    Let's try to be nicer next time? Anyone willing to contribute to the community is worth positive feedback

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