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    Subt PvP question

    Hi guys when I played last, Hemo was not a build that would ever be used, it was always backstab when behind the target, but I've been hearing that Hemo is potentially better now?

    Is this true at all? Thanks

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    From what I've heard it's a matter of skill/preference.
    Hemo is viable but deals less damage. While Backstab will net you better damage but requires the positioning to dish it out.

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    Both work in most situations. The thing about it is that the hemorrhage builds offer a little extra survivability at the cost of general burst damage.

    Better? No. Neither build is really better for any purpose except the following 2:

    Playing 2v2 with a healer. Backstab is your only option.

    Playing 3v3 with a resto shaman and a warlock. Also known as RLS. Hemorrhage is generally viewed as the better spec because it is more management and spread-output effective. Which is also what the warlock does. Together theise are potentially more deadly than a spiky burst damage rogue.
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