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    [Music] Exceptional voices and their songs

    I was curious to know what others find are the most exceptional and amazing voices to ever grace us with their singing. So here I am!
    Let us know and hear the singer and song that you find is the best you've ever heard!

    For me it's Tommy Körberg doing the anthem to Chess, and Jussi Björling, a voice unrivaled. I'm not an opera type of person, but both of these men have the most amazing voices I've ever heard. Pavarotti even said that he cannot be compared to Jussi, "I am only human".

    Now if you think a pop singer is the best singer you've heard, that counts too!

    Tommy singing Anthem from the play Chess live on swedish television.

    Jussi singing Nessun Dorma, the best recording I could find. Highest quality.

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    Beautiful and one of the most unique and amazing voices I've ever heard. What more can you ask for?

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    Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian.

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