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    PvP questions.

    Is 2piece t13 any good in pvp? Is it worth the resi loss? Just started pvp and don't have full pvp gear, but is using heroic Shoulder/leggs worth it?

    Also, is using heroic kiril and vishanka worth the resi loss over 397 weapons? I don't have the conq for them yet, but should I get those first, or last?

    Thanks in advance, and if there were topics like these before, I couldn't find em.

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    Yes, most hunters who have access to PvE gear use the 2 pc for PvP. The loss on resilience really makes no difference because you'll die equally as fast if they catch up to you anyway. As far as the weapons I would personally recommend the PvP ones since you're already losing resilience on the other 2 pieces and 4 pieces would be too much in my eyes.
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