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    Reasonable Rotation ? Sub Spec.

    Okay.. So i did some dummy training on orgrimmar.. And i found out this rotation to be very effective .. (Still not very geared so "Effective")

    Its consist of this:

    Stealh > Cheap Shot > Shadow Dance > Ambush (Until CD is off again) > Kidney Shot > Hemorrage > Eviscerate. And the target is normally dead for me if there is no healers or shit like that around... I want to put a trinket on the Shadow Dance. So i get more agaility before i do Ambush.. But don't know yet.

    Is this a decent opener? Anything i should change on ? Any way of binding the Trinket ??

    Tips overall ? :P

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    Make a macro with:

    /Cast Shadow Dance
    /Use -insert trinket name-

    Can't say for the rotation, seeing as I'm not much of a pvper. Seeing as PVP is generally unpredictable, I'd say you shouldn't restrict yourself to a "burst rotation" too much. You have to make quick decisions on the fly; For all you know, he might trinket the Cheap Shot or the Kidney, in which case you'd have to think of something else.

    But yeah, I don't really PVP so I'm just talking out of my ass... :P
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    Yeah i know what you're saying.. I normally find another soltution if the guy trinkets.. Which also would be horrible.. To trinket an opner.. Since I'll most likely have 5 Combo points. And then I'll just kidney and Shadow Step. Loosing one Stun yeah, but he loses he's way out

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    Since cheap shot procs find weakness, for max burst i'd go with cheap-->shadowstep-->ambush spam, and get kidney shot up when cheap is about to go off.

    I don't quite understand your hemo-->evisc. why?

    also: yes, pvp will be unpredictable, but you're kinda safe on opening with this sequence for this reason: non-rogues tend to counter your opener, so you being with 5 CPs will allow for a full kidney, although with diminishing returns from cheap shot, and a quick recovery to take profit from your last shadow dance seconds.

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    if we are talking 1v1 sure cheap shot shadow step sdance ambush kidney, but if its against a rogue be prepared to eat a some form of counter to counter your sdance

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    Vs most classes, you're better off opening with premed/garrote > hemo > gouge > wait till the end of gouge for energy > 5 pt kidney + dance spambush
    New and shiny compppppp!

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    Don't macro trinkets with shadow dance.

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