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    Question Trying to find a better computer

    I'm trying to find a computer that can run newly released games or soon to be at a really good FPS rate with at least at high settings
    To set an example on how the FPS I get in games I currently play and plan on playing:
    -WoW currently is 3-5 FPS with low settings in a raid environment and 15 in a dungeon with settings set on good (shadows/liquid detail set on low)
    -DotA2 about 2-4 FPS with everything on low
    -Can't even get on Diablo 3 due to video card not being supported
    My knowledge for computers isn't that all good so I'm not quite sure what's better when it comes to price. Currently, I'm only allowing under $700 for a new computer. I don't know any friends that can build a custom computer and help me pick out parts.
    One of my friends did link me a computer on tigerdirect which he said can run the games I listed with good FPS on high settings. One opinion isn't enough to decide whether or not if this is the best or not.
    Here's the computer my friend linked me:
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    That listed computer has a terrible graphics card in it. I think you should look into building your own, it's not that hard. Here are some computers I found that are better than that.
    Slightly over budget if you can spare the extra money. Will max out the games you've mentioned.

    This one just comes with a weaker cpu.

    An open box version of the first one linked for $180ish less.

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    Ah, thank you! From the reviews, it looks really promising.

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    Chaud releases a build guide at different price tiers one of which is in the $500 range...grabbing link

    Read through this before you buy/build http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...s-consolidated
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    last nov i built my first pc and i'll never ever go back to pre-built pc's or the big name pc's like dell etc.

    once you get the hang of it everything is so easy and the benefits of building your own is way better you'll know what is going in your pc and if anything stops working your able to do repairs yourself i think of it as a "hobby" the first thing i did was put my pc together after reading all the manuals i then took it all apart and put it back together again so i could break it all down and install it all again in less time and figure ways for better cable management.

    the pre-built pc's i bought never lasted over a year the acer i had before i built my own lasted 3 years but had to run everything on low settings.

    this is a great community to learn from if you need help there's always someone around with a answer and can google to find other pc help forums/blogs etc it's like the old saying goes the squeeky wheel gets the oil so asking question's is always a must if you want to learn

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    Build your own PC it's worth it I didn't have a clue 2 years back watched a few you tube videos and I manage to pull it off I'm back again 2 years again to upgrade my PC and may have to revisit some of the videos.

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    Thanks for sharing. It supports companies are best as they provides IT Support for small to medium sized businesses.

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