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    Should i try it ?

    Okay.. Throught out my four years of world of warcraft life.
    I actually never tried a Priest or Warlock... I really have no idea why not.

    It just that.. I have never been a good Pvper with casters, A.k.a Mage..
    So it never crossed my mind to try them.. But lately i have been growing tired of Wow.
    So i thought to myself what i could level to get a fun experience again... And i thought that i never
    played one of them.

    But now.. I want to but not sure which i should try.. Which of those would be most viable in MoP for pvp?
    Which one have the most amazing crits and so on..

    I'm not asking for opinion on which are best, since i do not intent to start a flame war of any kind.

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    All of them should be viable. But if you want to play safe, roll a Mage. They are well-known as Blizzard's "pet".
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    People should know this by now but it's mainly different gameplays that differ, skill etc. The game isn't imbalanced enough so that a priest always kills a warlock etc, but that's obvious. It's just that people asking for what to play for which is better for various things annoy me, since they all differ in playstyle.
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    I did not ask for which was "best" or anything like that.. I was asking for which would have the best future when MoP launches. I did say that i do not intend to ask which ever was the best.

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    I'd go for a priest. Shadow is a solid dps spec and if you get tired of it, go disc and find a geared dps to piggyback.

    Warlocks will be fun come mop. A lot of new resources and spells. It will take a couple patches for them to get balanced out before we can see how strong they will be.

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    I'm not into PvP much, but with warlocks changing so much in Mists, I think it's hard to tell which spec is good at what and if they are good in PvP or not. Affliction doesn't seem to be changing much, and since they are right now decent enough in 3's and rbg's (and maybe 2's with a good Resto Shaman) so I think warlocks are a "safe" option if you just want to pewpew. Take Priest if you want to have more options, and be able to heal. Everybody wants a healer in PvP, so you'll have more chance at a spot, even in less than stellar gear.

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    What's the worst that could happen?

    If the argument is between Spriest or Lock, and you are only looking at a DPS role (and not any healing spec) i'd say Warlock right now.

    But, there is a lot of changes in MoP. Warlock top spec is probably going to shift from Affliction to Demo or Destro because of dispel CD making Destro a lot more appealing and Spriests get a lot more cool spells to play around with. Nobody knows which is going to be better yet, but Warlock gets a lot of cool stuff and no doubt 1 spec will always be good

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    I haven't really played a warlock too much yet...still leveling one myself. I do have fun when I am playing my lock though even though he is only a low level orc. But I have played priests since vanilla. Honestly, I have never been a fan of shadow my entire time playing the game. I found it boring, a little pointless in some aspects...like I never did quite understand why give shadow a new spell they can't use aside from as a finisher or a spam? But not really gonna go into that now. I decided in the beta to re-roll a shadow spec to check out the changes made and I will admit for the first time since I have started playing a priest I have actually found shadow spec to be fun. Aside from the little glyphs that change the way my shadow orbs look (they appear as little raven!! ^_^) But...I actually get to use every spell in my bar now, so long as I have my talent spent in surge of darkness or whatever it's called. Which is just awesome.

    I feel like I have a more interesting rotation because instead of just dotting up, doing a mindblast and counting my mind flays until I need to re-dot...I sometimes get procs to use my other two abilities and get a nice burst of damage mid-fight. My shadow orbs don't go away after I build them up. I always used to get upset getting my shadow orbs to build up to max stacks and losing it because the next pull didn't come quick enough for me to get the chance to use them. And since they improve my dps when I have them it was always upsetting. The rotation itself just feels more polished compared to how it currently feels (at least to me).

    Just speaking from the way I felt about shadow I will say that it just feels nice again and I could highly recommend it from my play experience with it thus far in the beta. I wish I had more experience with a warlock so I could give you a bit of comparison so you could decide for yourself. Hopefully someone else will give you a good run down on some of the lock beta changes so you can compare posts if nothing else and decide for yourself which sounds the most appealing.

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    My opinion as a high level warlock (85) I get bored very eaisly with this class. If your not very ranged based like myself your going to get bored casting curses and shadow bolts at players from a distance. Thats my opinion of course you may like them so yeah go ahead and try it if your bored and have nothing else to do!

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