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    Piston Spider Mount?

    There is a mount in the game that I see people on from time to time. It looks like the normal spider mount but is armored/cyborg and has what looks like pistons firing off in the abdomincal section. What is it and how does one go about getting one?

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    That is Tindrel.
    It was obtainable during both the 1.7 and 1.8 World Events.
    Currently you cannot get it. It may be back for the next Carnival of the Ascended next year sometime.
    Everything above also applies to Nebula, the armored galaxy horse thing.

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    Ah, thanks for the heads up. That is one sweet looking mount. Favorite in the MMO space currently, tbh. The steampunk horse (that anyone can get) was my favorite till I saw that thing. Nice work again, Trion.

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    Yeah it's pretty cool, until you hear the constant clicking sound it makes, even while standing still.
    Can get a bit annoying.

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    I always thought Nebula looked way more awesome. The detail and amazing design in that thing...
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