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    Hah, sent mine in after the answers. Think I only got like 10 right haha.
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    This explains a lot.

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    haha I know #15, but I don't know who got it. If memory serves me right, he was the only person to ever have it, before it was removed :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterpd85 View Post
    haha I know #15, but I don't know who got it. If memory serves me right, he was the only person to ever have it, before it was removed :P.
    it was noktyn, but ye it appearently was some blizz employee fooling around with loottables and he then accidentally uploaded them to the live realm

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    Im so oldskool that when i first played WoW i was Night Elf Mage (US closed Beta)
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    Question 16 is incorrect. The raptor from ZG had a 0.9 second attack speed.

    I remember when I answered question 29, I was thinking Silithus but wrote Tanaris. Oops.

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    1. Emerald dream

    2. Warrior

    3. Bloodlord Mandokir

    4. you needed 8 geared tanks

    5. used to summon mini bosses in silithus who dropped items which u used to summon bigger mini bosses

    6. summoning ragnaros

    7. a ghost hero would attack you

    8. pamala's quest and fighting nathanos blight caller

    9. 3 for winning 1 for losing

    10. somthing from nefarious

    11. comes from the first boss in black wing lair, because its bugged like hell and the mobs never stop spawning

    12. silithus and eastern plauge lands

    13. you avoid the mobs to get to the bosses or to go to ubrs which you could pay a guy with the key to let u in

    14. you would do 1 in dire maul to get more lewt

    15. it was a neck piece and it was a binding of the wind seeker

    16. your mom!

    17. you trained them via making them kill things (ive never been a hunter wtf u asking hunter only for)

    18. uldaman

    19. in BRD the black iron furnace and anvil

    20. i know 1 was in scholomance the other in i dunno

    21. Princess Huhuran

    22. that cenarian plant thingy

    23. was not horde here, but i know alliance did it in thereamore

    24. those ancient guys u could summon

    25. defias pillager

    26. Name atleast 2 reasons why the above mobs were so deadly

    27. What did the rogue talent ''Improved sap'' do?

    28. Why was everything a ''Hunter Weapon''?

    29. What were the locations (zones) of the 4 demons required to get the hunter epic stave/bow quest?

    30. What were the names of the demon lords who went around (often kited to) cities and completely wreck its entire population?

    Alright, those are the 30 questions that came to my mind first.

    Here is the top score list so far, hopefully people actually participate in my quiz otherwise I just spend 45 mins typing/remembering stuff for nothing

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    I am sorry guys, but the quiz is already over, look at my updated first post, along where it says to PM the answers to me instead of posting them in the thread. I will make a new quiz soon so keep an eye out for that one (also, mione would definately have made the top lists, he got alot of good/close answers

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