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    [WIP] - Diablo 3 Calculator

    - Diablo 3 Calculator -
    Current Version: Beta v0.5.1

    Hey guys! A few of my friends were question whether X weapon was better than Y weapon when buying stuff off of the auction house, so I decided to work on a calculator to work out various parts of Diablo 3 to help out the players.
    I have a few things planned that I will add and improve and iron out, but mostly feedback from people that use it will help me change it around and fix issues and add new parts that you guys would like to see.

    Its highly WIP which is why it is still beta tagged. Hope you guys like it, and please give constructive feedback and ideas you want added. You may run into problems here and there, and I hope to clean it up as I go to make sure its as accurate and smooth as possible.

    Features in the released version:

    • DPS Calculator: Able to accurately work out your current DPS.
    • Weapon Comparison: Able to compare two weapons and give you an accurate DPS increase or decrease calculation.

    Things you might want to know:

    • Your damage calculation may be incorrect for a few reasons. Make sure you do not have the enchantress with you, as this might give you 3% haste to your current damage which will skew the DPS in-game. There is currently some errors on Blizzards side with the way damage is calculated on some weapons, I have not pinpointed the issue so if you find any of these situations - please let me know. Some of these errors can be fixed by un-equipping an item and re-equipping it.
    • Dual Wield is currently not implimented. This will be finished within a few days (working on other parts of the program first)
    • You should only enter numbers into the textboxes, otherwise you will crash the program when you try to calculate. This will be fixed later when the major parts are completed.
    • The weapon comparison calculator is more accurate than the in-game calculator. The + and - calculations you get on the tooltip aren't quite correct - but when you have equipped the weapon it will display the same as my calculator.

    WIP Features:

    • Armour Comparison: Similar to the Weapon Comparison, you will be able to compare 2 armour items.
    • Stat DPS increases: Will show you which stat gives you how much DPS so you know which is your strongest damage stat.

    Let me know how you get on with the program, and inform me of any issues you run into.

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    I also am trying to create a online item value calculator app. You can check it out here

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