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    25 man all-hunter raid

    Here's a link to the video of Saturday night's all-hunter raid, fraps'd by Frostheim of Warcraft Hunter's Union. Main tank was Arth's turtle Ironhide, offtank was my turtle Panzer (green triangle mark).


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    That is what I love about WoW: People trying and doing weird things

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    After the above raid, Arth led a 10-man team from Icecrown into BH and took down Occu'thar:


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    Ah you just have to love the guys from WHU! Too bad there is not a similar raid on the european side !

    Seeing this kind of things makes me love my hunter even more hehe!

    <3 for Shyama for this signature!

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    Well, 25 BM Hunters, chaining heals with Spirit mend :P.

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    That's badass.

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