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    how are witch doctors performing on inferno

    as the title says, i havent been able to play in a while and my wd is sitting at 45. was using a vision quest/dire bats spam and doing ok. just wondering how they do on inferno, not sure if i should roll something else to farm wd gear or just keep going. any tips for inferno builds too? thanks

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    Well... It depends how you choose to look at it. If you mean whether or not Witch Doctors can do well, the answer is yes. If you mean whether or not the Witch Doctor performs better than other classes, the consensus would probably be no. I currently have 3 characters in inferno. A Witch Doctor which was my first, is now sitting outside Diablo's inferno door. Getting there wasn't really that bad, but I have no intentions of trying to kill Diablo, to put it that way. The Wizard is farming Act III at the moment, and is doing far better than the Witch Doctor.

    To answer your questions: You can definitively do well with a Witch Doctor in inferno, but it depends on your wish to do so. I'm fairly sure you would have an easier time with a Demon Hunter or a Wizard, but the question is, would you have more fun? As for builds, I always ran with Hex, Mass Confuse, Horrify, Spirit Walk, Grasp and Splinter Darts. With quite high stacked IAS. The build is obviously focused around survivability, which is of tremendous importance in inferno, where Bear spam usually isn't quite cutting it on those pesky Elite and Champ packs (I'm sure there are a lot of people out there with great Bear-spam success in inferno, but I didn't).

    EDIT: Bear spam worked wonders for burning down Rakanoth and Izual.

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