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    8/8 HM <HOSTILE> GMT+10 Guild

    Server: Nagrand (PvE) (Horde) Farming Madness (H) Since February

    Hostile stands to imprint itself as one of the premier raiding guilds on the competitive Oceanic scene. Created from a small clutch of like minded players, Hostile has quickly emerged as an ambitious World of Warcraft community. Boasting players with impressive resumes, from Realm-First kills to multiple WoL topping ranks. Our goals are lofty, and we will spare no effort in accomplishing them. Hostile is a guild built around dedicated and hard working members. These are people who have made a commitment to excellence and performing their roles to the highest level. As such, when we look for new members to join our community, it is important that they share the same ideals of success as we do.

    Currently Recruiting:
    Tanks - Healers - DPS
    We are working towards a Raid Roster of approximately 13 raiders for MoP, that can take on any fight with an ideal raid composition. We are the server's top guild, we intend to stay that way, challenging the Oceanic Ranks as we do so.

    High: Tank(s) and Healer(s)

    Raid Times Progression(AEST (NSW)/Nagrand server time):
    Wednesday – 7:30PM to 11PM
    Thursday – 7:30PM to 11PM
    Sunday – 7:30PM to 11PM
    Monday – 7:30PM to 11PM

    Farm Raid Times:
    Wednesday – 7:30PM to 9:30PM Full HDS Clear
    Sunday – 7:30PM to 9PM H Firelands Hawk Runs

    Please use our website to complete an application template

    Cheers, look forward to raiding with you.
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    The Patient
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    are you guys ready to accept nickydanose and the druid gob of healing the cheese back into your graces so you can get a better position the first page of wow progress?

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