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    Thumbs up [H] L85 Orc Hunter LF raiding guild to call home

    For my current toon link -> http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Neisa/advanced

    I'm a Level 85 Orc Hunter, trained in the Marksmanship spec. Can off-spec to Beast Mastery or Survival if required.

    I'm looking for a guild that will regularly raid, be able to include me, and won't be upset if I can't make all raid times (IF I can't, there will be a good reason why). The guild I'm in now, Facepalm, are good people, but I've not raided with them much at all. I do have raiding experience from the PTR however, so I know my way around the Ultraxion and Deathwing fights. When 4.3 launches, you won't regret having me, because I'll know what to hit and what to leave alone (important in the two Deathwing fights).

    I'm aware that the toon is decked-out in PvP gear. Undesirable as it might be, it was all I had available to me during my time in Facepalm. Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped me from surviving heroic dungeons and even a few older raids when I solo'd them (The Eye up to Void Reaver, and SSC up to Leothras the Blind, both for specific T5 gear). I won't be staying in that gear of course, for 4.3 has many items that I desire to own!

    Anyways, if you accept me into your guild, this is what you'll get:
    - a player who can follow orders w/o whinging or complaining
    - a player who has knowledge of the 4.3 Deathwing fights
    - a player who will, short of sickness/family emergencies/etc, be punctual for raiding times
    - a player with a very stable internet connection (Internode ADSL2+ FTW!)
    - a player who knows the Hunter class very well (my hotbar is nothing but macro commands!)

    And this is what I expect from the guild:
    - will show me respect as I will show it back
    - will let me raid as often as possible
    - will allow me to obtain certain gear that I require to make the Hunter more powerful
    - enjoys raids and views it as mere fun rather as that is all WoW is - a game!

    I'm currently on Dreadmaul, but I can server transfer if necessary.

    If you need/want a Hunter in your raiding guild, then hit me back and we can go from there.

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    <Raiders of the Lost Ark> is recruiting

    A warm greeting to the Citizens of Caelestrasz.
    [Raiders of the Lost Ark] is a Level 19 social guild (almost 20! we'll be there in a day or two) that also raids.

    Weekly Prizes: Pets! Gold! Run in one of the first seven 5-man challenges with 2 or more Guildies and get 100g!
    Extra Perks: Gems, Enchants, Guild Repairs for all levels, members and ranks, crafted gear.
    Low-Level Perks: I'll tank solo runs for lowbie toons, doing full clears up to Cata Normals.
    Raid Perks: We drop Seafood Magnifique and Battle Cauldrons (flasks) every raid. Just show up & be on time.

    We are 8/8 in normal DS10 and we like to do old school raids as well - for personal & guild achievements, as well as transmorg gear.

    We raid DS10 on Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm to 10:30pm. If we down Deathwing on the first night, we usually try to do an old school raid on the 2nd night. If you are invited and you accept - please show up on time. That's all we ask.

    We lost some raiders (Diablo is a powerful mistress and Star Wars mmo is still interesting some people) and looking to fill up the Core Raid Team.
    We need the following to join the Guild and reliably turn up for raids:
    2 healers (preferably 1 Druid and 1 Priest)
    1 Melee DPS with Tank OS (DS10 only has 2 or 3 of boss fights that need 2 tanks)
    Misc DPS (both Ranged and Melee) as we're trying other Guildies on the Raid Team and will continue to fine-tune the exact combination until it's in balance.

    All Guild Members can issue a Guild Invite - just look for us and whisper.

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