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    Elementalist / Mesmer

    Im totally new to Guild Wars but what im sure ill definately try out this game.
    So i have a question to people who actually tried out this game - Mesmer or Elementalist.
    I would be greatful if you could desribe me pros and cons of theese two professions i cant decide, which one to pick?

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    Elementalist is the icon mage from every game you played.
    He has the four elements magic abilities, fire,water,air,earth each with different effects and most with really nice spectacular graphics.
    He is a strong profession and always will be imo, but quite straight forward

    Mesmer is a more interesting/original new profession. His playstyle depends quite a lot of the weapon used, and even though i havent played it much i believe its still subject to change, updates and so on. It uses images, illusion spells and alike.

    In the end its really matter of personal taste, at this stage noone can say which is better or stuff like that, as lot of things are subject to change still.

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    Take a look at the profession topics.

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