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    Besides the crappy integrated graphics, I dont see how anyone could game on a 13" screen lol.

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    Yeah Macs aren't overall built for gaming. Having had the G4 (Waaayyyyyyy back in the days), I can tell the airflow is pretty much god awful, and the specs, especially on a Macbook Air, are not made to handle games.

    If you want something the same price with about 10 times the performance, that is still a laptop, you should try looking into Xoticpc. It's the "new" Alienware whenit comes to gaming computers IMO.

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    i raided trough Wrath with my macbook and actualy killed LK HC with 13.3" screen. Now days im raiding with my imac and raided trough whole cata with my imac so how's that. Even the cheapest imacs can run all the lates games on desent framerates 30 -40 but you need to use quite low / medium settings.

    Im going to buy that new 2012 model air too coz they upgraded the GPU to HD4000 up from HD3000 it was aprox 30 -60% upgrade.

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    Nothing against mac, but if you got that much money to throw at it you can buy a much better gaming rig with a bigger screen.

    Never buy a mac for gaming unless you need it for professional use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Well then you'd be assuming wrong they are totally different in almost every way.

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    This is not true, macs use the same hardware as a windows based PC. Only difference is OS.
    euhm, You are very very uninformed or live in a country where mac have special hardware. Because you are very limited in your hardware choice when buying a mac and none of that hardware was designed with gaming in mind so no, it's completely different hardware then when you buy a gaming laptop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post

    This is not true, macs use the same hardware as a windows based PC. Only difference is OS.
    *Looks at the Macbook air with integrated graphics, Mac Pro with Radeon HD 6770 & iMac with 6770M, unless you pay 2 grand to get a 6970M.*
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