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    Adding Paypal to Battle.net account

    So i was wondering if it were possible to link my paypal account to my battle.net account with having a credit/debit card on my paypal account?

    thanks for any help

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    when I went to add mine to my paypal it asked for a credit/debit card but my paypal is already linked to my bank account and I don't have a credit/debit card =/

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    how do you have a bank account in these times and it not include a debt card? not trolling really wondering lol. Couldn't you just get one?

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    18 with no job so why would I get one when I can't pay it back?

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    Because a debit card uses your savings, you can't buy something with a debit card if you don't have the money. You're thinking of a credit card.

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    This is the problem with some companies that will let you use paypal. It's like iTunes, they say they will let you pay via PayPal but when you try to buy something, if you don't have a credit/debit card on file, then you can't buy.

    At one time I had a bank account with no debit card - due to my checking account being a "second chance" account (I had problems at the bank before and this was the only way I could re-establish my "reputation" with the bank). Took over a year to move back to a regular account.

    But still, if you say you will accept PayPal but don't specifically state a credlit/debit card be on file with said account, then it's a bait and switch type situation. Think of it like going into a restaurant that only states "We accept credit cards" but don't say which ones. Then when you go to pay with a MasterCard, they say "Sorry we only take American Express". You're screwed since you don't have one.

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    Debit cards are basically electronic cash. You pay with the card at the till, usually enter a PIN to make sure it is you, and the money is immediately debited (i.e. moved) from your bank account. Many countries like Germany don't even charge you for using it as it is considered an almost mandatory thing to have.
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    Maybe the people that cant afford or justify having a credit/debit card shouldn't be using the RMAH to buy stuff o_O

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    I don't know how it is in your countries but at least here up north debit card is the "standard", i.e. the lowest form of bankcards. There's no ATM-only cards, hasn't been for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liania View Post
    Maybe the people that cant afford or justify having a credit/debit card shouldn't be using the RMAH to buy stuff o_O
    You haven't thought that... maybe... you know... 18 year old teenager without a job would be SELLING items, not buying? Man some people really get me.

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