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    Further questions & clarifications on Server transfers

    Greetings all.

    Like alot of people my playtime on Swotor has decreased over the past 3/4 months. My server was thriving several months back at least 40/60 strong at fleet, a good active PVP in the evenings, several active guilds. Now when I login, im the only person at fleet. I oftern loging randomly just to see if anyone is about and its clear the servers been abandoned. Given the amount of time I have invested into my charactors theres simply no way I wish to start again, its really not an option for me. I have read the changes to come and I pray this patch is the defibrillation device desperately needed to kick start for many the life back into this great game!

    I have read a lot about the server transfers, but can anyone explain in simple lamens terms the deal. Im actually flying out for 2 weeks abroad for a much needed holiday. Can anyone tell me, in as much detail as possible what exactly the options will be upon my return. For example when i loging to the game, will their be an option presented to me to SERVER TRANSFER? - or is this done using the SWTOR website via profile in the same way you do on wow? - Will i have to transfer 1 charactor at a time? Does anyone know the exact procedure in detail.

    I will apologise in advance if there is a post somewhere that clearly already defines the exact procedure, but im short on time to sift through the many forums and links and like many people just like to be shown the way so in my mind i know what to expect when i return in a few weeks from holiday.

    Does anyone know if this transfer window is open indefintely to the selected servers. I dont want to miss the opportunity to move just because im away etc? - Please can anyone further clarify this in a few short bullet points. Im hoping the posts following this thread will prove usefull to others also looking for more information that will help make things clear in their minds also

    Many thanks for any responses.

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    All the information you need to know.

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    - They open transfer from your server to 1 destination server.
    - You can then move all your characters to that server. This is done via your account management, the transfer tab.
    -If you have characters on the destination realm, the legacy with the most xp will take over.
    - You will have to rename your Legacy unless you already have one on the destination realm.
    - You need an active subscription to transfer characters.
    - Character transfers are available for the time being, no set date on when they close and you will have to pay for it so act as fast as possible.

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    Brillaint! - thanks Lemmi - exactly what i was after! - legend

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    Please use the existing thread on this topic.

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