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    ''How oldschool are you'' Quiz, second edition

    A couple of days ago I was reading the http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...577995?page=17 and http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...know-about-WoW threads about people thinking about pre-tbc world of warcraft and thought it would be a fun idea to make a quiz about it: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...l-are-you-Quiz. This was received really well by the mmo-champion community, even though there were no prices to win, and I spend the entire day grading people's entries. When I was done I got quite some requests to make another quiz just like the first one with different questions. So here goes

    I started playing somewhere halfway trough vanilla myself and still have alot of good memories about that time. I thought it would be fun to make a quiz about vanilla, so people can show off just how much they remember from back then. The only reason why you would want to do this quiz would be for bragging rights, I will keep an updated top-10 of how many questions people had correct. If you have answered (part of) the questions, PM them to me, don't post them in the thread, I will then pm you back with which questions you had correct and update the top list. You are ofcourse free to try as many times as you like.
    I would be very pleased if a mod could keep an eye on this thread so people don't post their answers here therefore spoiling it for others.
    The questions will be a mix of game mechanics, game knowledge, movies and famous events. All the questions are from my personal memory, combined with things I remembered because of the above linked threads

    The questions will be graded as following:
    Correct-You answered all aspects of the question I wanted to hear in a correct way-1 Point
    Semi-Correct- The question is composed of multiple aspects and you had atleast half of the required aspects fully correct-0.5 points
    Semi-Correct- You answered the general question right or was close to it, but you didn't include everything I asked for or are wrong on some point.-0 Points
    Incorrect-You answer wasn't even close to what I was looking for-0 Points

    Troughout the day I will try to respond to all the entries as soon as possible, but it takes some time to check all entries and calculate points, therefore I might take some time to review your specific answers, feel free to add a ''reading confirmation'' to your answers if you want to know when to aproximately expect your answers to be graded.

    Because of the 5000-word cap thats in place on PM's, I would prefer if people only posted the answers with the question number next to it, not the full questionaire.

    And now, without further ado, the questions themselves.

    1. What was the name and class of the author of the ''Total annihilation'' series?

    2. ''Loot the dogs'' where did this take place and why was it necesarry to do so?

    3. ''Don't loot the dogs'' where did this take place and why was it necesarry to do so?

    4. In vanilla, each priest race had 2 race-specific abilitys which were learned at level 10 and 20, as we all know, dwarves got fear ward and were therefore invaluable to any alliance raid. Which 2 abilitys did troll priests get?

    5. Corrupted ashbringer is a sword that drops from 4-horsemen in the original naxxramas, however due to its heavy lore-relation, if a person wielding it enters SM cathedral, an event plays, describe roughly what happens in this event

    6. During the epic quest chain in EPL which involves Tyrion Fordring you are at some point tasked to find a painting, in which instance and at which point can this painting be found?

    7. In molten core, Baron Geddon is known to patrol around, making it very hard to pull the trash before him without actually pulling him, which way did most guilds work around this?

    8. Which boss required frost attacks in order to shatter him, thus making every melee stack up on frost oil?

    9. During the quest to obtain your t0.5 set, you needed to rescue a certain prisoner from baron Rivendare, in order to do so the boss had to be slain within a certain time-limit to stop him from executing your prisoner, what was this time limit?

    10. Upon first entering alterac valley, you can get a quest for a trinket which you can upgrade as your reputation with the stormpike/frostwolves rises.
    At the completion of this quest, you also obtain a book on how to win alterac valley, this book is ofcourse named differently for each faction.
    In these books either the alliance or the horde forces are compared to certain vegetables, which vegetables are those (only need to mention one)?

    11. The process of ''downranking'' was very often used as healers, what was this and what was it used for?

    12. In order to fish up the hydra in ZG, you had to do a specific quest which involved fishing in ZG, what was the NPC who gave you this quest (and thus, gave you acces to the hydra boss in ZG)

    13. What was the weapon required to summon the Hydra boss in ZF, and in which zone could this weapon be optained?

    ''I kill two dwarves in the morning, I kill two dwarves at night
    I kill two dwarves in the afternoon and then I feel alright,
    I kill two dwarves in time of peace, and two at times of war,
    I kill two dwarves after I killed two dwarves and then i'll kill, two more.''
    Which race/gender combination used to have this joke?

    15. What was the difference between the mage spells ''Dampen Magic'' and ''Amplify Magic''?

    16. ''You Are The Bomb'' What boss was this and what did you have to do if you got this whispered to you?

    17. What was the name of the trinket that increased mounted speed and was often the first trinket people obtained when playing the game?

    18. What was the minimum required pvp rank in order to acces the officer's quarters in SW/Org (either will do)

    19. Flasks used to require 1 extremely rare herb, what was the name of this herb?

    20. Why was a hunter needed for general drakisath?

    21. What was the name of the human form of onyxia?

    22. What was the name of the item priests needed for their epic quest chain which dropped from the demons in winterspring?

    23. What pvp event was the movie ''beer for my horse'' about?

    24. What was the color of the scarab mount which could be obtained from being the first to open the gates of AQ & which could be used to outside of AQ40?

    25. What purpose did ''captain placeholder'' serve?

    26. What was the name of the ''herb'' which could be optained in felwood which gave both health and mana and was required for just about every serious raider to farm

    27. What was the name of the boss you needed to kill in silitius for your Thunderfury?

    28. What was the name of the gnome in WPL which assisted you with several quests involving the past?

    29. What happened if the entire raid ran into the C'thun encounter at the same time?

    30. What is an ''emperor run''?

    Hopefully everyone will have a good shot at completing the questions, remember only PM THEM TO ME, DON'T POST THEM IN THE THREAD

    Top List
    1.Grinderofl-29.5 Points
    2. Casual Riot-29 Points
    3. Seije-28 Points
    4.xxx230-24 Points
    5.Sathena-23.5 Points
    6.Arcangnon-22 Points
    7.Drathos-21.5 Points
    8. Wariofan2-14 Points
    9. Badluckandtrouble-12 Points
    9. 4Khazmodan-11 Points
    10.Hokiefan-6 Points
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    Damn i feel old, just skimmed through the list and i managed 25/30 without thinking to much ^^
    Thanks for the nostalgia flashback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    Damn i feel old, just skimmed through the list and i managed 25/30 without thinking to much ^^
    Thanks for the nostalgia flashback
    feel free to handin an actual answer though, you would be surprised at how many you would have wrong (or atleast, alot of people seem to be overconfident about their ability to correctly know this stuff, on my last quiz only 1/10th of the entries had more then 2/3th correct, which shocked me abit

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    I got about 20/30, damn nostalgia feels good... I'm going to watch the answer to number 1 now... feeling some Rammstein
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    updated original post

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    I got around 18/30 right, not too shabby, but I'm a little unsure on some.
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    got about 15, and that is someone who only started in late TBC

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    Really surprised how well I did, considering I only started just before WotLK launch :P

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    updated post with current standings, someone is already extremely close to 30

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    I played Vanilla Like a hardcore mofo. Sometimes wished I never did though...

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    updated again, come on guys, WTB more entries

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    Entry submitted! Shooting for 20/30
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    aaaaannnnnnddddd updated again

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    Ah. Derp. >_<

    Also, not sure if 28 or 29.
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    kk, updated, going to call it for the night, so don't be surprised if you arn't getting pm'd back

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    aight updated the entries from last night, should be able to receive more now

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