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    Question Advice for a conflicted rogue....

    Currently our guild has started working on progression through 10 man DS HM (3/8), I am spec'd combat and my true passion is Assass. I understand the importance of being combat as the raid can benefit from my cleave ability, as well as the other few bosses that cant be backstabbed. Getting advice from fellow players (friends) is useless and unhelpful in making a decision, so I came here . I would prefer to DPS as Assass main and combat on the few bosses that need it. Would my spec/reforge as Assass be "OK" to DPS in combat with during these particular fights? Should I start collecting gear solely for these situations as combat? Or simply stay combat and hit my head against the wall? Raid DPS is very high and I feel that from the DPS loss I would have, could be easily covered by guildies.

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    If you are doing regular DS - at this point I think you can go anyway you want. Unless you guys struggle and are progressing still - then maybe you have to play the letter of the law and max dps spec. But, with the blanket nerf and being regular DS I think you could play whatever spec you want. Especially if you end up playing assass better because you like/know it more.

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    I can't answer if you can afford to go Assassination or not in your raids simply because I don't know the situation in your guild, but playing two specs really isn't the end of the world. You can't use the same reforges for both specs though. You can most likely change some talents and reforges so you can somewhat make it work, but I don't think you want to gimp yourself more than you already are. Luckily there is a solution although rather costly.


    That's the addon I use. I play all three specs and I can simply press one button to instantly reforge all my gear to the profile I selected. Only downside, you need to go to a reforger to reforge and you need to pay the gold fee every time you reforge. Sounds quite logical but this does add up eventually.
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    Outside of zonozz/warmaster I dont really think it matters, but those two fights are a must for combat. Also comes down to raid comp, if you dont have the debuffs provided by each spec that can be a deciding factor.

    Edit: Bovans correct, you would need to reforge for each spec atleast during progression and first few kills until it becomes second hand for your raid.

    At the end of the day, if you dont know what your doing as the spec, there is no reason to play it. It may be a stronger spec for that fight, but if you cant use cds correctly dont bother.
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    Zonozz with the debuff now is much different now. The benefit of combat for the flight is to cleave off the boss (cause of the bonus damage) to kill the claw quicker. Currently with my group, we are killing the claw quicker then the boss moves again. So combat with zonozz is very group specific at this point.

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    Why don't you just test it out to see if it negatively affects the group? If you are bad at combat your dps might not really even be that much different......

    The only fight I think that combat is really going to benefit you is Blackhorn-- That fight is still somewhat obnoxious even with the nerfs. Assassination feels really clunky in that fight, and not being able to cleave on the elites or during the last phase makes me sad. Zonozz also feels clunky as assassination, but it's definitely doable with the nerf.

    And assassination can be a great help for H Madness-- because of our raid makeup, I am forced into that spec in order to provide a 70% slow in the last phase.

    Get reforgesaver, it's amazing. I think a lot of rogues used all three specs this tier, and having that addon makes switching a million times easier.

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    As much as I like Mut, I wouldn't go there unless it was for Madness progression. There is no other fight (arguable: Yor'sahj 25H and Hagara 25H) that gives Assassination and legs-up over Combat or Subtlety.

    Off-topic: Zon'ozz can be done very well as Subtlety depending on raid comp (e.x. another rogue in the raid).
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    With the level of nerfing currently in place on Heroic DS, it really shouldn't matter what spec you dps in anymore.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother having a second set of gear or worry about constant reforging to juggle two specs this late in an expansion.

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