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    This thread is once again being updated. If you plan to have your guild listed, please post using the template I have in the OP.

    I will go through those that have posted the past few months.

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    The Incredibles - The Bastion - Republic

    Guild Name: The Incredibles
    Server Name: The Bastion
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Republic with an Empire alt guild.
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): West/however most of our play times accommodate central timezone folks.
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP

    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: Looking for more than just a cool guild tag? Consider running with <The Incredibles>! Since 2005, our community has been gaming together in multiple games, valuing the person behind the keyboard, not their gear. We welcome and respect all types, and ask that you do the same. Although we run Ops, we are not an Ops guild. Although we PvP, we are not a PvP guild. To understand what we are, consider: SWTOR is just a game; <The Incredibles> is a community. If you don't understand that distinction, then you probably don't understand this guild.

    Contact:Beecher/Beechrock or /who incredibles and ask for any person online to direct you appropriately.

    We have been featured on as a guild spotlight ( it's a great group of people to game with. Check us out.

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    Hi All,

    I'm just coming back to the game after a year and half away. I left due to personal reasons, and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. I played in Beta and the first six months of launch. I was the GM of one of if not the top republic guild (Divide and Conquer) on Davik's Estate, which sadly is no more. I am currently on Prophecy of the Five, and looking for a good guild. I was pretty hardcore raider at the time. I'm still level 50 with all level 50 raid gear. I'd like to stay on this sever because it is US EC.
    Before SWTOR I was the GM of one of the top guilds (Divide and Conquer) on The Forgotten Coast in WoW (Alliance). I left with many of my friends to come play TOR. I've been a GM for years, and a raid leader for most of it as well. So, I bring plenty of experience. I'm not looking for any authority position at this time due to my schedule. I'm just looking to level and get to raiding as soon as possible. I'm reliable, and more than competent. I just need to readjust to the changes since I've last played.
    If you're interested in bringing me on, tell me about your guild. My character is Karmac, and he is a Jedi Consular Sage Telekinetic Ranged DPS.
    *I have no desire to heal or tank at this time.


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    Guild Name: The Grand Imperial Remnant
    Server Name: Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US EAST
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE/PVP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    The Grand Imperial Remnant is newly formed (Dec 2013) guild looking to build our ranks. We are very active with 26 individual members for a grand total of 95 toons, majority of which are lvl 55. We are striving to make a name for ourselves on the Jedi Covenant server, often PVP'ing together, running flashpoints and dailies. Our goal is to encourage all members to enjoy SWTOR and what it has to offer, by providing them an environment where our members work together to achieve common goals and facilitate individual growth. We also have a Pub side sister guild!!

    Current Events Schedule:

    PVP Boot Camp - Friday 9pm est
    Gearing Ops - Saturday 11am est
    Imperial Leveling Pact - Sunday 10am est
    World Boss Event (Pub) - Sunday 3:30p est
    Operations - Sunday 7pm est

    Joining the guild

    If you are interested in joining TGIR, please visit our site and fill out an application. Make sure to list the names of the characters you are wanting to have invited. Once your application has been approved you will be contacted in game.

    Notable Members

    Ashes - Our current PVP officer! Ashes holds PVP boot-camps on Friday, where he answers questions on all things pvp, including rotation, targeting, CC, resource management and the basics of different WZ's! During this event he works with our members individually and in group sparring matches.

    Tyrannia - Our PVE officer. Tyrannia started our Imp Leveling Pact where all participating members start off on lvl 1 toons and we level as one group. During this event the members work on Heroics and flashpoints for all planets. Class quests are done individually. This has been alot of fun and the group is currently on Nar Shadda!

    If you would like to see TGIR live, please check out Ashes' Twitch channel user - xxxAshesxxx. Friday Night PVP is broadcasted along with our scheduled Operations.

    Also check out Spiceassasin's Twitch user - Swgrocks.

    Happy Gaming!!
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    Guild Name: N/A
    Server Name: The Progenitor (RP)
    Website URL: N/A
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: (This can be as detailed as YOU want it to be. Remember, you can edit it at any time.)

    I'm just looking for a friendly group to show/remind me of the ropes. I bought this when it was still P2P and came back when it switched to F2P but I haven't really played it that much. I guess I'm looking for a friendly group as I think that's one of the things I miss most about MMO's. I need to re-emphasize how little I remember of this game so I will be fumbling about like a fool. Also, the game hasn't finished updating so although the game loads I can't load my character because he's on Nar Shadaar

    Contact, e-mail would be best. at

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    <STACK AND DIE> Recruiting!!

    Guild Name: <Stack And Die>
    Server Name: Prophecy Of The Five
    Website URL: StackAndDie.Enjin.Com
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVP

    Who we are:

    We broke off from a former guild for personal reasons. We have a solid core group who all have experience in many MMO's. Some of us have been guild/clan leaders and enjoy the social interaction of a good guild. Our core group has only been together about 6 months but we have meshed very well together. We are very easy going and can be both casual and hardcore. Half of our time is spent just sitting in mumble, shootin the shit, having a good time.

    What we do:

    Our core group has had HM DF/DP on farm now for a couple of months. We raid on Mon/Wed/Sun 10pm-11:30pm Est. We are also 4/5 in NiM TFB as we have not been together that long and have been working on gearing up for the new NiM content that will be dropping soon. We run many PUG's and each have multiple alts.

    What we are looking for:

    Anyone and everyone. We do not have any "qualifications". We welcome all levels of players from beginners to veterans, PVP to PVE focused. Our hopes are to get enough members to start doing raid days together so people don't have to PUG. Our biggest task at hand is filling out a second progression team for HM DP/DF.

    We have a few members who enjoy PVP but nothing too hardcore. We are primarily PVE focused but are entertaining creating PVP teams.

    How to contact us:

    StackAndDie.Enjin.Com is the best way. We also have a recruiting post on Swtor forums under prophecy of the five server. You can also type /who stack and die and it will bring up who is online in the guild at the moment.

    We look forward to hearing from anyone interested!

    All guilds listed will also have updated progression for easier browsing (if applicable).[/QUOTE]

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    <Dark Reapers of a lost Empire>

    Guild Name:
    Server Name: The Red Eclipse
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: <Dark Reapers of a lost Empire> is a brand new guild. We are looking for a few more members to start our casual raid team. We have TS3 and website as you can see. It doesn't matter if you don't have any raid experience. We will teach you and we're just playing to have fun. On our site you can apply to the guild, or you can just find us in-game.

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    LF a jedi covanent guild that is mental health friendly

    I know theres a seperate thread for guild recruitment but honestly no one ever reads it so hopefully a mod wont move my post there.

    LF a guild on jedi covanent, open to either side I got 55s on both sides that are geared and ops ready, looking for something medium sized, active and friendly. another thing thats important is something thats mental health frinedly, because I always end up getting fired from jobs, kicked out from college, even gkicked in games for 1 bad day, but ie: ive been an active and productive member in my last guild for over a year, and for literally one outburst i got kicked.

    so if there is any guild that can accommodate me, please let me know. I'm a really friendly and great guy and am very helpful and good with the game, but because of my mental health sometimes I just snap and although I work hard through therapy to keep in control, I can't always do it.

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    <The Ebon Hawk-Imperial> The Second Sith Empire

    Guild Name: The Second Sith Empire
    Server Name: The Ebon Hawk
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Imperial
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): RP-PVE
    Description: The Second Sith Empire is family friendly casual guild with an active event schedule and regular player groups online for FP's, OPs, RP and PVE. The Second Sith Empire is now recruiting all levels, classes, races for RP, PvE and PvP play. Dedicated voice chat, weekly events and prizes and high user turn out. We are looking for both new and experienced players to run Ops. We run three times a week, train newer players and offer a friendly community.

    Event Schedule
    We have an active schedule with a high turn out at our events. Our schedule is dynamic and is adjusted as needed to accommodate our active player ranks. Our current schedule effective 8/5/14 is:

    Tuesday: Operations Weekly - Story Mode level 55 operations including Dread Fortress, Dread Palace, Terror from Beyond and Scum & Villiany
    Wednesday: World Boss Wednesdays - Organized runs on Toborro's Courtyard, Dreadtooth and other requested bosses
    Thursday: Advanced Operations - Hard Mode or higher 55 operations and progression operations
    Friday: Flashpoint Fridays - A casual evening of helping folks finish up their Flashpoint Weeklies
    Saturday: Operation Weekly Part 2 - Story Mode level 55 operations including Dread Fortress, Dread Palace, Terror from Beyond and Scum & Villiany
    Sunday: Structured Role Play Night - An evening of role play using our unique and highly customized table top RP inspired rules
    Monday: Monthly Events

    We offer a wide array of monthly events, parties and prize giveaways for our users that include the following:

    Star Wars Trivia - 30 questions, a million credits awarded to the top three scores
    Shadow Guard Tournament - Inter-guild PVP tournament with prizes and titles awarded
    GSF Night - An evening of Galactic Starfighter
    PVP Night - An evening of PVP with guildmates, both ranked and unranked
    Datacron Hunts - Runs through some of the more challenging datacrons including the fleet +10
    Quarterly Guild Party - Our parties are legendary for their array of activities and for the number and quality of prizes we give away every few months

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    Guild Name: COBRA
    Server Name: Prophecy of the Five
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:
    We are a small casual guild looking to have fun with each other. Our guild is comprised of friends & our main focus atm is to lvl up & to help each other in whatever. We like to do Warzones, Flashpoints, Group Missions, Dailies & maybe soon Operations.

    We are currently recruiting & are seeking friendly, active players to join us. We are looking for ppl who would be active in the guild & to enjoy their time w/us. All lvls welcomed. We do use vent but it is not active atm due to we're starting over from scratch & not enough ppl on to use it. Hoping this will change soon.

    Contact Sirena ingame or you can visit our website for more information.
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    TAW - The Art of Warfare European SWTOR division is recruiting!

    [B]Guild Name: <Empire of TAW>, <Republic of TAW>
    Server Name: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
    Website URL: taw[dot]net
    Republic/Empire: Both, mainly Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE

    The European unit in the Star Wars division of TAW is recruiting all that wish to join us in an epic Star Wars adventure. If you are interested, or have questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email at tawarwith[at], and I will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to questions or a guide to joining TAW. It is important to know first off, that even though we are a CoC (Chain of Cammand) guild, and that you, as a player, are active and support our guild in-game, REAL LIFE COMES FIRST. Each week we hold a Mandatory meeting on a Sunday, where we discuss game news, talk about promations, and then move on to a group event, whether it be a Flashpoint, Operation, Warzone, or even helping another guild member with various missions with regard to leveling. However, we do not wish to impact your daily lives too strongly. Very often, matters arise, that may slow your day down, or force you to take care of other things. Your daily life and success comes first, and that is why our website has a great excusal feature that allows you to be excused from our meetings in advance.


    The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a premier online multi-gaming community that has been around since 2001, with more than 2500 members playing over 20 games of all genres. In SWTOR we have been around since launch and have two healthy sister guilds: and . We are a large community of players and our guilds are strongly grounded in teamwork and friendship. Every member is treated equally and with respect, and we have a diverse community with people coming from all walks of life. We maintain a social, family-friendly atmosphere and we hold our members to a high standard of conduct. No matter what your interests are, whether you are casual, hardcore, or something in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

    What we offer:
    Structured and organized guilds
    Stable leadership with plenty of volunteer opportunities
    An active, friendly population on both factions
    A safe space for all people, enforced by a strong code of ethics
    Opportunities to join teams for other games that TAW offers
    Full 6% reputation and experience bonuses
    A large teamspeak 3 server, website, and a stocked guild bank
    One Empire Fireteam (Alpha Squad)
    Fun weekly events
    Visits by developers Jeff Hickman, Eric Musco, and Bruce Maclean

    Teamspeak 3 and a microphone
    Be at least 15 years old and have a mature attitude
    Complete an application on our website (taw[dot]net)
    Attend weekly guild meetings on Sundays at 8pm GMT
    Believe in and follow our established CODE OF ETHICS


    Recruitment Status:
    OPEN to European players of all levels, classes, and interests


    As of yet, most of our players play on the Empire side, but that doesn't mean we aren't looking for republic players! The more active players on the Republic side, the better, and it leaves you in with a chance to be a member of the Republic Fireteam, once we have enough members.

    Empire Alpha Team ops:
    Every Friday* - 8pm GMT
    Teampeak 3 mandatory meeting:
    Every Sunday* - 8pm GMT
    * Unless told otherwise

    Our Officers:
    SW Division Officers: QuigonJinnNJuice, Zoloft
    European Officer: Schyzo


    Ready to join our family? Contact Arwith at tawarwith[at]

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    Guild Name: Old Farts of the Empire
    Server Name: The Harbringer
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire (We have a republic sister guild, but I manage the empire one)
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US West primarily but have folks all over North America
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE

    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: We are a guild for the older gamers. We have an age requirement of 30+. We do weekly events, usually on Saturdays but thinking of adding a weeknight in there as well. It's mostly a social guild, we have some interested in end game ops but mostly we all just play alts and hang out with each other. We're a tight knit community wanting to add more old fogeys to our ranks. If interested please either PM me here on the forums or look for me in game under the names Blueberry'nips or Sara'saphire. I'm off and on pretty much all day but mostly on in the evenings. Thanks!

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    Guild after guild I've been in throughout the game, has been lacking. It seems to me the best players are spread out throughout swtor as a whole. If you're a person who has the mindset to progress and clear all content, then this is what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for casual, but hardcore players who are willing to progress and have the want to clear all content. I'll be more than willing to pay for voip servers and a website, but I want the people who have the desire to clear content and get down timed runs. I've raided back in vanilla wow and bc, I know how hard it was, and I like the challenge of the ops. But sadly, coming across many guilds, I see the lack of motivation to progress. If you are one of those people who want to clear all content and want a guild like this, send me a pm.

    Currently have a guild up on Jedi Covenant Repub, but I am open to transfers.

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    Guild Name:< Critical Orbit >

    Server Name: The Shadowlands

    Website URL: not enough access to post (orbgaming dot com)

    Republic/Empire: Republic

    Time Zone: US EST-PST

    Server type: PvE

    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    About Orbgaming:

    We are a multi gaming community. We have chapters in WoW, GW2, ESO, Minecraft, LoL, Diablo3, Rust, DayZ, Starbound, and soon EQnext and Archage. We also use to run in Rift, FFXIV and Wildstar. I am probably missing a few titles but you get the idea. We are a very diverse, yet experienced group of players.

    We are a very easy going bunch, but when the time comes, we get down and dirty. We are a 18+ mature guild (in age only). We don't care what class you play or how you plan to play it, just be effective with it. We use Teamspeak and a website to keep our members connected and informed. We are looking for like minded, EXPERIENCED players to bolster our ranks in all areas. Our membership hails from all over the globe, but the majority lives in the US, so our peak times range from 5pm EST to 2am PST. The only requirements we have is to apply on the website, (yes an application, relax, it's like 4 questions) have a quick interview with the leadership and use the teamspeak while playing and have fun.

    Thanks, and I hope to see you all in game,


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    Server Name: Prophecy of the Five
    Website URL: the-bwc. com
    Republic/Empire: Both, currently Empire-focused
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    The <Black Widow Company> is a veteran-owned, award-winning, multi-gaming community which has been successful for over ten years, primarily in first person shooters and MMOs. In that time we have built a solid reputation in online gaming as a community that believes in integrity, fair play, dedication, and teamwork. You can expect a highly organized unit with a mature and professional gaming attitude. We are competitive; we're in this game for competition and fun and we support a diverse range of play styles. We provide content for casual and progression Raiders, casual and competitive PvP and Galactic Starfighter, as well as maintaining an environment conducive to general fun in less organized play styles.

    There is no level, gear, or experience requirement for joining BWC. We run in-house trainings that will allow each member to advance in skill and understanding as far as they are willing to push themselves.

    BWC is primarily Imperial and currently hosts guild events, to include progression raiding, on most nights; 6:00pm EST to 1:00am EST. On our non-raiding nights of the week, we run everything from PvP Ops to Trainings. We have a guild flagship, 10% Rep/XP bonuses, and consistently place in the conquest leaderboards.

    Our team motto is “ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT”, and we apply that mentality in every game we play, and to everything we do, without risking or compromising our desire or our ability to have fun at the same time. We invite you to discover what makes us different for yourself.

    To begin your journey, please feel free to send me a PM here or visit our website: the-bwc. com

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    <E> The Blood of Makeb

    Guild Name: The Blood of Makeb
    Server Name: Begeren Colony
    Website URL: thebloodofmakeb dot com
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US CST/EST
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): RP-PVE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: Some of the galaxies greatest threats are out there: Republic armies, rebels, feuding royalties, Hutt cartels, and more. Join the greatest privateer crew in the galaxy and help bring the Empire one step closer to victory.


    • Medium/Heavy Roleplay Guild
    • An environment that caters to and rewards good/helpful members
    • Roleplay themed conquest, flashpoints, operations, events, and story-lines
    • As a member earn special trophies, mounts, decorations, and RP items through participation and contests
    • Small family and friend focused guild based in the eastern and central time-zones
    • A fair banking system with restrictions that protect and do not hinder member use
    • A simplistic ranking system that rewards rank based on time and participation
    • No class/race restrictions
    • Some basic RP name restrictions and you must be level 15 to join
    • A pre-established loot system for operations to ensure fair distribution
    • Active voice chat (Team Speak) and forum/website use
    • Mobile compatible website

    The Blood of Makeb above all else is a Star Wars roleplay themed guild. Everything we do from conquests to operations revolves around roleplay and the effects of these story-lines on both our community and our member's characters. We are not, however, a what most would consider a 100% heavy roleplay guild. Although staying in character is welcome at any time, we understand that sometimes you as a player just want a place to socialize with other like minded individuals. Our mission in this guild is to complete roleplay events, flashpoints, conquest, operations, and achievements in a fun and positive manner.

    Our roleplay theme for The Blood of Makeb is that we are a privateer and imperial spy focused crew. Our primary story-line mission is to hit Republic and Rebel targets such as companies, factories, allies, and ships in an effort to obtain supplies and information for the Empire and its associates.

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    Guild Name: No Slack
    Server Name: Bastion
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): PST
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP

    First off we are a extremely friendly and social guild we have a mumble server and a website, some of us play multiple games but log onto mumble whenever we can, don't be shy!

    **Current Raid Needs**
    -Tank(Any class)
    -Healer(preferably Sorc, but won't turn down a good recruit)

    No-Slack is recruiting all levels, all classes and all play styles... If you are interested please find any no-slack member and they can get you started
    We strive on having fun on all aspects of the game!

    PVE - We have a hardmode raid team that is currently 1/10 in Ravagers/ToS. We raid Wed/Thurs from 7:30pm PST to 10:30pm we are looking for a few more solid raiders to fill out our rosters. Most of us have multiple alts so any new members can feel confident that we can help fill spots when needed. We also strive on gearing up new players and teaching mechanics and spec. We do run FP's especially when there is NEW FP's to run... No-slack is by no means a "hard core" guild but we do like to run latest content but we don't care to be the first to complete content, we have fun but we do get things done.

    PVP - We are very much into PVP be it WZ's, GSF or picking fights on planet open world. Pretty much all week we will que up of some WZ's we are always game to kill some pubs lol!

    Leveling - As stated above we have tons of alts and are always running low level stuff. If you are new to the game and are looking for a guild to grow with, we are that guild. If you are stuck on some quests or need help with a heroic all you got to do is ask in guild chat we will be happy to help or guide you the best we can to completion

    Server Events - This is got to be our specialty A few times now no-slack has led open world PVP with as many as 2 full ops groups going against 2 full ops groups! So much fun! we run these for achievements, titles or just plan fun! We plan these type events a few times a month. Also we have been known to run our own bounty hunting events offering credits or full gear sets as rewards. Everyone in guild is encouraged to form or add to the events we plan.

    Guild Runs - From time to time we will organize a guild run for achievements, datacrons, world bosses, mount runs from OPS or FP's etc...

    Everyone in guild treats everyone with respect, no matter who you are, we strive in having fun and being social. If this sounds like your kind of guild you can either find a no-slack member in game or apply on our website and we will find you after you get into guild our website will have a calendar and forums where you can get acquainted and jump right in! See you in game!

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    Guild Name: Followers of Destiny
    Server Name: The Shadowlands
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Both
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EST
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    We are a multi-gaming community that play many MMO. We hoping to get more members for SWTOR at the moment but will welcome anyone in that plays a different MMO.
    We are looking for people who are interested in starfighter, OPS, Flashpoints, PVP, and working on conquest. If you are under gear or need to be gear we will help you. Are guild is friendly and are main goal is just have playing the game. We ask that everyone try to you teamspeak 3 but it is not required. Please visit are web page for more info or you like to join. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Followers of Destiny Recruiting.

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    Valhalla Community

    Guild Name: Vanguard of Valhalla (republic) & Shadows of Valhalla (empire)
    Server Name: Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Both
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE
    Guild Description:

    A multi-gaming community founded with the motto, All for One and One for All.

    In Star Wars the Old Republic we have two guilds on the Jedi Covenant server: Vanguard of Valhalla (republic) and Shadows of Valhalla (empire). Both guilds have ops teams and casual pvp teams. World Boss Hunts, Datacron Summons, Achievement Runs, Flashpoint nights, Class Parties, and guild contests are just some of the many other community events we hold in both guilds. We’re currently recruiting all levels and specs for both guilds and welcome you to join our online family.

    Valhalla Community is also active in Runes of Magic and World of Warcraft. If you’d like to learn more about our community please feel free to visit our website at

    Valhalla partcipates in a wide range of events including but not limited to - guild dailies, fps, ops, pvp, server events, role classes, house parties, world boss hunts, datacron summons, fun pvp, achievement runs, and contests.

    Tues 9:30pm to 11:30pm & Fri 9:30pm to 11:30pm

    Wed 9pm to 11:30pm & Sun 8pm to 11pm

    RED RAVENS (Pub)
    Thurs 9pm to 11:30pm & Sat 8pm to 11pm

    More ops teams as needed will be formed.

    Monthly Schedule
    Week 1
    Monday - Member Meeting - 9pm to 10pm
    Saturday - 2 Class/Role Parties - 5pm
    Sunday - 2 Class/Role Parties - 5pm

    Week 2
    Monday - Community Event - 9pm (House Party, Contest, Race, Achievements, etc)
    Saturday - Datacron Summon - 5pm
    Sunday - Guild Flashpoints - 5pm

    Week 3
    Monday - Community Event - 9pm (House Party, Contest, Race, Achievements, etc)
    Saturday - Datacron Summon - 5pm
    Sunday - Guild Flashpoints - 5pm

    Week 4
    Monday - Officer Meeting - 9pm to 10pm
    Saturday - World Boss Hunt - 5pm
    Sunday - PVP Base Attack - 5pm

    Rare 5th week is played by ear.

    Weekly Schedule
    Guild Event - 9pm to 10pm

    Sith "Test Dummies" Ops Team - 9:30pm to 11:30pm

    Sith Borg PVP - 7pm to 8pm
    Pub "Raith Squadron" Ops Team - 9pm to 11:30pm

    Pub "Red Ravens" Ops Team - 9pm to 11:30pm

    Pub Smurf PVP - 7pm to 8pm
    Sith "Test Dummies" Ops Team - 9pm to 11:30pm

    Server Event - 5pm
    Pub "Red Ravens" Ops Team - 8pm to 11pm

    Guild Event - 5pm
    Pub "Raith Squadron" Ops Team - 8pm to 11pm

    Basic Requirements
    Valhalla Community is a helpful, family style guild as such we don't do drama or "me, me, me" people. Instead we expect members to pay it forward and help others when they can.

    For those wanting to gain rank in our guild we require members to register on our guild site and set up Teamspeak because we value communications and want members to have a say in how the guild moves forward.

    In-Game Contacts
    Republic - Raeavenger | Arath-Ka, Berkalas, Jerrold, Tamrixa, Victoriareaven, Whielmina
    Empire - Odintheking | Ash-ka, Jeracide, Raezali, T'amrixa, Verail

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    Guild Name: Exinferno
    Server Name: The Ebon Hawk
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Both Factions
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): Us East, Us West, EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): RP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: Ex Inferno was derived from an idea developed by a small Group of friends which love gaming. The idea was to have a fun, mature, multi-game/multi-faction community where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their play style or skill level.
    Ex Inferno's motto is to "Rise above the flames". At any level in gaming there is always a challenge that presents itself and we as a community strive to rise above those challenges and grow from our experiences.
    Great Members + Our Core Values = Rising above the Flames!
    General Recruitment (Republic and Empire): Is always open and we welcome all that are looking be part of an enjoyable yet forward thinking group seeking a great time in game. Just kick back, relax and enjoy the company.
    OPs Team Recruitment:
    Republic OPs Team [RED] (Thurs/Sun 7:30 – 10:30 PM EST) Looking for 1 Tank (Assassin / Vanguard) Looking for 1 Healer (Sage / Smuggler)
    Empire Ops Team [Navy] (Sunday’s 7:00 – 10 PM PST) Looking for All Inquire Within
    RP Recruitment: We are looking for creative/open minded individuals to help us develop an RP segment in our community. Bring your imagination to the table and work with us to create a storyline and if you have leadership skills, perhaps even run our RP group.
    Check us out at and if you like what you see fill register on our forums and fill out an application. If you have any questions feel free to hop onto our teamspeak and send an Officer or GM a text and we will be glad to assist.

    We are looking for quality people. We are barely building our empire side but we are dedicated to our player base. Thanks for checking us out.

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