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    Hi We area rapid growing pvp guild looking for more members

    Guild Name: Orchestrated Chaos
    Server Name: Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Time Zone Central time East
    Server type PvE

    <Orchestrated Chaos> Is recruiting IMP side on Jedi Covenant for PVP We are a active group of dedicated pvpers. We have a guild flagship for world pvp. Mumble and +10 experience bonus. Orchestrated Chaos has over 42 active sub accounts . We pvp nightly from 6:30 to to around 1 central time. We are rapidly expanding guild dedicated to having fun pvping winning and putting 110% into are nightly pvp groups. If you like to join a adult pvp guild that is a laid back group of people with no drama come join the Chaos Put in an application at or whisper any one in guild fora invite. Even if you are a casual pvper we will help you get better with your own game play. We don't mind teaching players about pvp and gearing. The more you teach players the better pvp is for every one on a server.

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    Ruthless is recruiting new Swedish players, whether you play casual or hardcore, PvP or PvE doesn’t matter, all are welcome to our awesome community!

    Guild Name: Ruthless
    Server Name: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): Central European Time (CET)
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Language: Swedish (only)

    The guild currently has two active raid groups progressing through the hardest content the game has to offer. We are looking for dedicated Swedish players to expand these groups and maybe even form a third raid group. We also look for players to form a ranked PvP team in order to make our presence well known in the arena.

    Via our community, we have access to great tools such as TeamSpeak, forums and an event manager. We aim to be active within both PvE and PvP by encouraging players to take initiatives and start new groups or events, either spontaneous via TS or guild chat or planned via our event manager.

    The guild aims to continue being the natural choice for all Swedish SWTOR players. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming, regardless of previous experience. We are not focusing on any particular role or class in the guild but are looking for mature and decent people.

    Sounds interesting? For more information please visit our website at, or contact one of our officers for a chat or leave a comment here in this thread.

    Want to join the most active and oldest all-Swedish guild? Since we are very keen on preserving our good atmosphere within the guild we use an application form in order to get to know you a little bit before inviting you in-game. Therefore, in order to apply first please register an account on our website and then fill out this brief application form:

    With hopes of talking to you soon!
    Ruthless Guildmaster and Officers


    Officers: Check our website at

    Guild Statistics
    Members: 100+
    Average Age: ca. 26
    Focus: PvE, PvP, leveling, progression, achievement runs, ranked arena and fun social gaming.
    Raid Groups: 2 active atm but we are looking to expand with a 3:rd.
    Ranked PvP teams: None atm though we are looking for dedicated players willing to form a team.
    Perks: 10% Xp bonus, 10% reputation bonus, guild bank, guild ship and guild stronghold.

    Some of our progress
    5/5 Terror From Beyond Nim (Timed Run + bonus boss)
    7/7 Scum and Villany Nim (Timed Run + bonus boss)
    5/5 Dread Fortress Nim (Gate Crasher Timed run)
    5/5 Dread Palace Nim
    4/5 Ravagers HM
    4/5 Temple of Sacrifice HM

    Brief History of Ruthless
    Ruthless was founded in 2010 as a SWTOR guild, we were then the first all-Swedish guild. In 2012 management along with members chose to transform Ruthless into a Multi-Gaming Community. This meant that we were no longer only tied to SWTOR but created new sections for games that members wanted to play together.

    Today Ruthless has over 1,000 active members and is present in many different games. We also have external sponsors and partnerships that benefit our members. In addition to playing games together we aim to have many different IRL events each year.

    The goal of Ruthless is to remain Sweden's most welcoming, funniest and best community for all, regardless of gaming experience, gender or age.
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    Figure I'll throw this here since not sure where to put it:

    I'm on Jedi Covenent now (not sure where I was originally at launch since they've consolidated some). I have a free transfer available on my 60 Jedi Sentinel and before I start making the new characters as part of the 12x XP bonus, I want to have a guild I enjoy hanging out with.

    I did the raiding thing in WoW both hardcore competitive and slightly more casual for about 10 years. Now that I have moved on from that game, I'm playing SWTOR and enjoying it again. Not looking to get into any consistent raiding schedule, but I'm always down for the occasional SM opp or whatever.

    Looking for something active enough that it doesn't feel empty. Just want to play with some like minded people and have a good time.

    Should mention I have no desire to go to a PvP server. RP or PvE is fine.

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    Guild Name: Narrischkeit
    Server Name: The Bastion
    Empire faction
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US east or west
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP

    We are a new guild that just formed about a month ago. Looking for anyone who wants a guild with a flagship, populated by friendly, helpful, mature players.
    Looking to start up regular operations, nightmare modes, and warzones.
    Send an in game mail to Nyxias if you're interested.
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    They should also breed a race of dogs with bees in their mouths, so when they bark at illegals, they shoot bees at them.

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    Guild Name: Binary Sunset
    Server Name: Progenitor (EU)

    Website URL: binarysunset dot se

    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone:
    EU (UK/CET)

    Server type:

    Binary Sunset is a longstanding Republican guild on the lookout for You – a mature, friendly and prestige-less player who thrives in a laid-back environment with likeminded individuals.

    We gladly accept anyone who has the right qualifications in terms of personality and is looking for a new home with fun and social friends to be, regardless of current level or which aspect of the game you are interested in. We have members doing casual opsing, warzones, flashpoint runs, conquest effort and leveling. We also keep together on imperial side with a sister guild called Binary Eclipse.

    If interested in joining, or if you have any questions, then don't hesistate to contact me (Asharl) or Zeeley in-game, write a line on our public forum or send us a message using our website's contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Would you like to know more about us, you are welcome to visit our website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rasm623i View Post
    guilds are awesome!
    Someone's trying to get their post total up...

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    if you are looking to return to swtor with the new ex pack and have toons on Jedi Covenant come play with some fun people who pvp run open world events and do some pve as well we are allied with 2 other sister guilds and on imp side we also have pub toons. we have 10+ xp bonuses for leveling put in a app at are guild site

    Guild Name: Orchestrated Chaos
    Server Name: Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Time Zone Central time East
    Server type PvE

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    Guild Name: No Talent Whatsoever
    Server Name: The Bastion
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Hello all,

    I am co-leader for No Talent Whatsoever. We are a new guild that is expanding and looking to fill our ranks with good, positive minded, and loyal people.

    Our guild is based of a core of old friends and we are looking to expand into a larger community. A lot of us have raided together since Burning Crusade and have a wide range in skill levels. From world first boss kills to server firsts to just casually playing we are hoping to be able to find the right spot for you. Also if PvE isn't your style we have members who also enjoy to PvP, and it's always more fun to cut through the sith with a buddy or two.

    We have taken a little bit of a break from MMOs and have just recently come back to SWTOR but we are looking to make a bit of a splash.

    Our goals are simple:
    -Build a good community that helps each others
    -See and clear all the content that SWTOR (or any other game we play has to offer)
    -Make sure that you always have somebody to play with

    Don't be fooled, we may not be a super hardcore guild, but we will clear any content we want and provide a great atmosphere.

    Contact Zanthz/Zoolin or Li'prabi on The Bastion if you would like.


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    Red face French guy looking for an english guild


    I play swtor during a long time and I whant to speak english!
    I'm looking for a nice and cool guild to greet me.

    I have teamspeak and mumble.

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    Did you find one? ^^
    In MMOs, I often witnessed a certain... distrust, even disdain, from English players towards the French.
    Most blatant example was ArcheAge and its pseudo-justice system (crimes are trialed by a court of players which inflicts prison time to PCs). If you're French, it's automatically guilty and max sentence, no questions asked. Anyway, AA's justice could have been a great RP tool but its just a useless mess in the end
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    [Harbinger] [R] <Aequitas Vox> Revival, Rebuilding, and Seeking New Members

    Guild Name: <Aequitas Vox>
    Server Name: The Harbinger
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US West
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Hello fellow SWTOR players!

    It has been such a long time since a post has been made here by our guild. Unfortunately, most (if not all), of us took a hiatus and did not come back. Now that the expansion has been out for quite some time now, I felt as if it was now the time to rebuild the guild that brought me into raiding in SWTOR.

    With that being said, here's a bit of history on Aequitas Vox.

    **Who Are We?**
    Aequitas Vox is a pve/pvp guild that was formed on "The Bastion" server. Mainly, we were mostly Hardcore players, that did our best to clear all of the content that was available at the time. (Before 3.0) We always sought to find ways to improve ourselves, and the guild, while at the same time, maintaining a relaxed atmosphere as well. Although I was not there at the time, Aequitas Vox was also known outside of SWTOR, under a different alias. We achieved several world firsts in several games such as: "TERA, Secret World, and World of Warcraft".

    **Pre 2.8**
    Around the time I joined the guild, Aequitas Vox had made a few advances in the game. I didn't know it at the time, but its most notable accomplishment included the Hateful Entity. Along with that, they downed DF/DP Hard Mode on 8 man as well. As for me, I hadn't thought about raiding an operation until one day, they came along, advertising a pug run for DP SM. I thought to myself "It couldn't hurt to try." And so I joined Aequitas Vox's run, without a guild at the time. Surprisingly, I did very well, and I got in teamspeak with them. I learned a few things, such as the different mechanics on DP. All said, it was a fun experience for me. A couple of days later, one of them was advertising for new members. So I talked to one of them, and he was very helpful. We had a good talk, and after an hour or so, I asked, "May I join?" And he graciously accepted my request, and I joined Aequitas Vox. Almost immediately, I was asked to raid on a daily basis. I accepted. And so I joined a progression group that had started on 16m DF/DP Hard Mode. At first, it was difficult, because we weren't coordinated enough, and I had some problems with the mechanics as well. Along the way, we had a few guilds helping us out, some of them which I am friends with to this day. Soon after, we met Wound in the Force. They were helping one of our groups in an 8m HM DP. It went very well, and their leader and a couple of their guild members helped us on 16M HM progression. It took a few weeks, but soon enough, we managed to finally get past Corruptor Zero. It was then that our morale increased and we took Brontes down after several attempts that night. Immediately after, we finished off DP HM and completed 16M progression on it. Taking down the council was no easy feat, and I was very happy to have ran with them. Little did I know that it would be one of the last times that we, the members of Aequitas Vox would raid together.

    **Post 2.8**
    Nightmare Dread Fortress and Nightmare Dread Palace had been released. It was a new tier of gear, with a special title if we could down it in time. Although we still did 16m DF/DP HM, the main focus was the new nightmare operations. I was not raiding the NiM Ops at the time, but I trained every day on the dummy to improve my rotation and Dps. There was 1 group attempting the new tier of gear, along with the possibility of a second or third group. Things were going well. Then, something happened along the way. I had to take a break from the game to focus more on my studies. When I returned, Aequitas Vox had completely become inactive. (save for a few members) I didn't know what at the time of my departure, but I checked the website, and they had taken a vacation from the fleet for various reasons. Little did I know that my fellow guild mates would not return for good. And so I was stuck with several options. I decided, maybe it would be best to find a new guild. I joined several ones, but it just did not come close to the atmosphere of Aequitas Vox. And so I left, once again without a guild. Around that same time, the website shut down. Was it perhaps the end of Aequitas Vox? For now, it was.
    I had one last talk with my guild mate, and I thanked him for being apart of a group of friendly players. My shout-out goes to you, viper.

    **Post 3.0**
    I didn't know what happened at Bastion. But I came back from my semi-hiatus from the game, and there were two new operations out. I thought to myself, "This is what I need to return to the game full time." And so I did, unguilded for a very long time. I wasn't interested in joining one, but I managed to complete SM ToS/Rav. I found the operations to be very fun and challenging. Underlurker in particular. It was a very interesting boss that I enjoyed. But something was still waiting for be sparked. And I wondered, what could that be. Then, a thought came. It was after the server merges, that the thought of reviving Aequitas Vox appeared in my brain. I thought, "On one hand, it might not work, with the new announcement of no operations." On the other hand, I thought, "This may just work." I thought about my old guild mates if they came back. They hadn't even attempted the new operations. I also knew that casuals would love to join as well. I then knew that reviving Aequitas Vox meant that it could not be simply a hardcore guild simply focused on end game entirely. Committing to it would be a huge task, and I would have to lead this time, and carry the reputation of Aequitas Vox without any possible guild mates coming back. There was only one possible answer. I couldn't go back to bastion. The guild there was dead. If I had to attempt to rebuild Aequitas Vox, it needs to be on a healthy server. I had two options, shadowlands, and harbinger. I decided to make a place holder for both servers with the Aequitas Vox name. It was a few weeks, but I decided, maybe Harbinger could work. And I chose harbinger, with a hope that it will work out. And here we are today, me, as leader, attempting to revive a well known guild, that started back on The Bastion.

    The future shall await us...

    **Recuritment Needs**
    At this point in time, I'm rebuilding the guild that I absolutely enjoyed being apart of. And now, its my turn to do the same, following some of my guild mates who did the same back on Bastion.

    I will take anyone at this point, but mind you, it is a republic side guild. There aren't any plans for an imp side one, it will be one step at a time. Whether you are a hardcore player, casual, a crafter, or simply doing pvp, I will accept you.

    Along with that, I'm also looking for friendly players. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the content that is ahead of us. I do have a mumble server, its not exactly a true mumble server, but it has a good amount of spots. As the old Aequitas Vox server has ceased to exist, my mumble server will have to do for now.

    Joining my guild and helping the process of rebuilding will most certainly earn you a special place in my friends list. As I don't have a guild bank yet, members will be the key. But I guarantee you, you will have life long friendships in Aequitas Vox.

    As I'm one of the only few people in the guild, I am the only means of contacting for joining Aequitas Vox. To be able to join, send me a reply on reddit, on the SWTOR forums (harbinger), or on my characters.

    I will be on Taralaire most of the time, but I am on my scoundrel as well, scoundrelälexïs, lóy, or any of my other characters with Tara. Those are my characters on harb. I do check my mail in game so if i miss your reply, you are most welcome to send me a mail.

    I'm excited to rebuild Aequitas Vox. And I hope some of you on harb (new or old) will join me.

    - Taralaire

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    Guild Name: Grievance
    Server Name: The Shadowlands
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): Any
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Grievance is a Mature 18+ family oriented guild.

    We are currently in a state of rebuilding for our Empire guild. If you are interested in joining us while we are going thru this process and don't mind starting out small and being a part of watching us grow back to where we were. Please come and give us a look.

    We are currently looking for every class and we have no restrictions on level. We have quite a few level 60 members who are willing to help out with quests or Flashpoints. And we are definitely planning on getting back into raiding as soon as we have enough people to do so. Just come to our website and post in the Apply to SWTOR section of our forums and we can go from there!

    Look for Creedess or Shïera in game if you have any other questions Thanks!

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    I can never seem to play this game on my Windows 8.1

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    LF Guild

    Okay, short n simple. Looking for Guild on Tomb of Freedom Nad (i guess thats what its spelled). Sith warrior, lvl 13, played at launch, just came back for the SW hype, subbed. Need active guild, both pve/pvp oriented.
    Hit me ingame: Skrewz

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    Elysium Gaming Community

    About us

    Elysium Gaming is an international multi-gaming community with competitive and casual teams in every E-sport and competitive and well organized guilds in every major mmo. We exist since 2006. We were originally created in WoW where we had huge success, but since we are adventurous spirits we started to move to many other games, having fun and progress in each one of them. We are a very dynamic organization that participates and organizes events in many games and we offer top quality and entertainment for our members. Elysium Gaming is the home of hardcore and casual gamers from around the world that want to play at a top level.


    With the notion that so many people are sharing the common passion for PC games, part of our mission is to bring together like-minded gamers from all kinds of games (mmorpg, moba, strategy, simulation). Furthermore, we have found that there are two main types of gamers (casual and competitive) and our structure allows us to satisfy both types by grouping them with similar players. We value each and every member. Whether you show great practice/match attendance, or show other qualities such as good conduct, dedication, leadership, teamwork, tactics and performance on and off the game, our system and our awards are there to give recognition to those who have earned it, either by offering a standard position to our team or by promoting to a higher rank inside the community.

    We expect

    Elysium Gaming is always looking for exceptional players in all kinds of games to reinforce our roster. We expect and demand the very best from all our players. Before you apply make sure you have great understanding of the game you will be playing and that you are up to date with the current updates. Make sure you have the dedication, and motivation to keep improving, and that you are able to put in some extra time in order to achieve that. We are a mature community which values your life outside of games and will respect it as you respect us. Moreover, as a community we are naturally competitive, this means you need to be socially capable and respond well to pressure of all kinds. While we do not endorse abusive behavior, all gamers should be mature enough to be able to take some teasing and heat when situations arise. In return you can expect to become part of a community which loves competitive gaming, having fun above all, as well as a strong community of like-minded individuals who are all working toward to the same goal.

    We offer
    Strongly organized and experienced leadership.​
    Competitive and casual teams in every E-sport game.​
    Well organized guilds in every AAA MMO.​
    Streaming channel so you can watch streams of high quality.​
    Online and Lan tournaments in many games.​
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Steam channels.​
    A mature and organized community with a lot of friendly and happy people.​
    Elysium Gaming is giving you the chance to be part of a very active, well-structured and disciplined community with serious and very friendly members. You will have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite games in any way it fits your play style, even if you are a casual, social or hardcore player.​
    Inside the Elysium Gaming you are going to meet interesting people from all around the world and you are going to make friendships online. In time, you will be proud for being a part of one of the most recognized guilds in Europe and for your personal guild progress in any game you play.​

    How to become part of Elysium Gaming

    If you think that we are what you are looking for and if you believe that we can offer you what you need, please register to our website and create an application at our forums.
    Guild Name:Elysium Gaming
    Website: elysiumgaming. org
    Server Name: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP):PvP

    We are looking forward to meet you!
    The Elysium Gaming Team

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    Just started up again as Imperial on Red Eclipse EU, looking for a guild to join so I have some people to play with.

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    Guild Name: The Imperium
    Server Name: the progenitor
    Website URL: None
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): RP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: The Imperium is a new, multidevisioned rp guild on the progenitor server with continous oppertunities to rp. Anyone is welcome, even if you don't want ro rp all that often you can still join. As of yet we have no stronghold, but we are saving for one, feel free to help us achieve this if you want. We do intend to make it one of the better rp guilds available on the progenitor. We hope to hear from you soonest. You can message or whisper the guild leader at Anyandra.

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    Im looking for a guild on Progenitor, Imperial side with some HM ops progression team i could join. Plz contact Al'matarid via in-game mail

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    Guild Name: The Second Sith Empire
    Server Name: Ebon Hawk
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE/RP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: <The Second Sith Empire> Is a veteran guild of players established in the summer of 2012. We host over 270 active players of various play styles and levels. We offer regularly schedule ops nights including progression ops and intro ops for players new to end game content. We offer scheduled PVP nights including ranked PVP along with guild based PVP tournaments. We offer table top style D20 based structured role play in a story driven evironment. We host regular community events such as Star Wars Trivia, Lotteries, Guild Parties, Scavenger Hunts, Pod Racing, Commander Hunts, World Boss Hunts, Datacron Hunts, etc.

    We typically have 20-30 people on throughout the day though our peak times are generally between 8pm and 12pm Eastern time throughout the week. We exist to help the players enjoy the game to its fullest extent. We welcome all styles, levels and classes and provide training and guides to help members maximize their class, gear and rotation.

    We offer an open recruiting policy, no application required, all are welcome. Check out our web site or chat up one of our officers in game: Yum'kimil, Stavia, Ryakiri, Javanda, Aniant, Fazin or Midyir for more information.

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